Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lack of blogging

I have not blogged much lately....maybe its because i don't take pictures on my camera much and everything is on my phone which goes to face book, maybe its because i have been busy with work and home life, maybe its because i am still stressed about moving and need to get things started, maybe its because i have become obsessed with Greys Anatomy and I am watching the seasons right now lol who knows.

Regardless of why I want to blog now a random list :)

  • We went to trafalaga last night and Jackie rock climbed on her own! I was so proud of her! I was sure she was going to chicken out or not be able to pull her self up but she did pretty good for her first time! YAY!

  • Abby is going through a super clingy does not want mommy or daddy out of her site stage.  She refuses nursery and when i get home from work does not want me to put her down until bed time.  If anyone has any ideas on how to break this let me know! Because really i hate seeing her so upset when I do have to leave her somewhere.  Something has got to change because nursery needs to happen and letter her scream in there is not becoming an option anymore
  • On the other hand Abby is super lovey and wants to kiss and hug all the time i do LOVE that part! 
  • Jackie is growing up to fast and changing into a kid and no longer my toddler 
  • I went through all my kiddos clothes and got rid of a bunch we never wore or i did not like YAY!! :) Trying to de-clutter and have less
  • I really need to start packing, but I think part of me is putting it of so i can pretend we are not really moving in 10 days because i do not want to move at all
  • I think the reason i do not want to move i have always counted our condo as a huge blessing in my life and its never never fun to lose something you see that way.  I do know though that this can only mean some good things are to come! 
  • Chilis at lunch time is a big mistake DON'T DO IT unless you have a few hours....don't let the yummy 6.49 unlimited lunch fool you! 
  • some people are not meant to be a landlord
  • Having one less bathroom to clean sounds really nice :) 
  • I love having family in town and wish that i could take the week off to spend the time with them!