Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picture Time for Jackie

i have been told i need to put some pics of jackie up soo here you go, we got a free birthday package from sears so we went and got some pictures she really did not like sitting still lol but we got some cute ones here are all the pics from our adventure I hope you like flowers because Jackie really really does

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

life and what not

Life has been great! i have been enjoying keeping the house clean and feeding my hubby and baby better food, and just feeling like a mom! Granted i think after a while i wil go stir crazy, so if any of you want play dates just let me know ;)!!!

But and Jackie have been trying to be productive, Monday we went running, its my goal to get in shape and run a 5 k at the end of the summer- let me know if anyone wants to join! Its a big one for me because running i hate more then anything really its just down their on my list we went tuesday, but Jackie was a pill today so we did kick boxing, so i think we might run one day do that the other, that way i can mix up my work out ya know? who knows, but its so much eaiser to get everything done without working because i actually want to go out and do things now instead of being tired from being at work lol.

Derek is excited for his job he still does traning for another week, but he thinkgs its going to be a great opurtunity for us so we shall see!

Besides that i am trying to get our apt manager to put new carpet in here, its gross i cleaned it three times with a carpet cleaner and Jackie still turins black when she crawls around, so i hope they will do it!

besides that not much is new just chilling with our neighbors, and friends and staying happy! Jackie is growing like crazy and getting teeth in fact right now she should be going to sleep, but instead is yelling for da da and ma ma it breaks my heart to hear it, but i know she will go to sleep sooner if i leave her alone, i know i need to put pics up haha soon i promise ;) (WOW THAT WAS BORNING SORRY!!!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life at home!

Work is done and gone with! I can not tell you how happy i am to be done working and just consentrate on being home! Vegas was a lot of fun! its always nice to go see my mom and brothers and have fun with them! we went and rode the buffalo bills rollercoster which is always fun, and heart stoping!
Day two as a stay at home mom, is great! I am loving life just playing with Jackie and kepping things picked up at home its nice to not have to worry about anything else! But it does keep me busy which is nice because i dont just want to stay at home and watch tv all day!
Anyway nothing else is really new but i am sure with my new found freedom i will be able to update more often!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

just a regular ol day!

I sit here writing to you blogging world as my husband watches the last few seconds of the Dallas Detroit hockey game and as my daughter hopefully drifts off into a deep slumber. I have not done as well as i would like at keeping you up to date on our life and so here goes another update on the life of the Stells.
Jackie learns something new each day. Whether it is a new word she has learned the meaning to or a new word to say, she always seems to have a new "trick" (I don't know how to phrase that, she is not a dog ). We teach her things and then ask her to perform them for others. So a trick it remains. At least I don't give her a treat if she does it. But, she does get a lot of attention which she loves even more. Babies are amazing, they learn and grow so fast. I look at her and am shocked at how far she has come!
Mother's day is around the corner. In fact, its 39 minutes away. This is my first mothers day as a mother and its a weird feeling to think that after 22 years I am a part of the mothers crowd. I am a part of the "in-crowd". Derek has been an wonderfully sweet husband, he and Jackie went to the mall on Friday while I was at work and got me a lot of cute mother's day gifts. When I got home from work, he had them all on the chair. He said that they were too excited to give me all my gifts and I had to open them then! Its a weird feeling though to have people thank you for being a mom. Since Jackie has been born, its something i love doing. All the hard work is paid off when I see my daughter laugh, smile, learn, and grow! Don't get me wrong, I love getting gifts and having people make a big deal about it. Wow, its not even mothers day! Guess we will see what the morrow brings!
Derek is doing well he is getting excited to switch me positions, get rid of the title Mr. Mom and start working! Only 4 more days left at Platinum Protection and then off to Vegas. Then Derek will start at Prosper, so we shall see where life takes us.....but where ever it does we are happy and together and nothing could make me happier!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Einstein??

Wow Jackie is constantly growing getting bigger and smarter each and every day! She went to the doctor the other day and he said developmentally she is 4 months head of where she should be!! Any way here is a list of things she can do!!
  • Feed herself
  • Drink out of a sippy cup and a normal cup
  • Walk along furniture
  • say and know the meaning of hi dada mama eye dog and duck (she can point out dogs in books and turn the pages to find them if you ask her where the the dog is)
  • Pull her self up
  • stand for a few seconds
  • Wave (she does use hi like the word ahloa (for both hello and good bye) lol)
  • play peekaboo she likes to steal Derek's hat and then play peek a bo with it
  • Stand in her crib a night when she should be going to sleep and yell MAMA HI DADA HI HI HI HI yeah she is trying to make us feel guilty!
  • understands the word no, although she does not always obey it
  • last night i was reading her, her bed time story and she took the book for me and started to "read it" out loud her self she would talk turn the page talk turn the page it was petty cute!
  • She plays with her little piano and knows what button plays a song
  • She knows what button on the remote turns the TV off and gets angry if we take the batteries out and it does not work
  • We have a stuffed cougar who's name is Isaac and he is always up on our bed she knows his naem and today was reaching to get up on our bed sayins ias ias ias so Derek put her on our bed and she climied up our pillows to get to him and then hugged him

Theres more i am sure but thats all i can get out of my sleepy brain! But we love her and are happy she is learning so much!! I am pretty excited because i only have to work 7 more times and then its off to Vegas an no more work for me!!! :) I can stay home and teach Jackie :) She loves walks and to play with her toys

Thursday, May 1, 2008

info on stells

so my neighbor tells me i work to much not to update more often but my life is borning! Any way the new news is Derek has an interview today for a job at Prosper where one of his old missonary comps works! so we are hoping all goes well there cuz then i could do what has been long in forth coming and QUIT!