Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life at home!

Work is done and gone with! I can not tell you how happy i am to be done working and just consentrate on being home! Vegas was a lot of fun! its always nice to go see my mom and brothers and have fun with them! we went and rode the buffalo bills rollercoster which is always fun, and heart stoping!
Day two as a stay at home mom, is great! I am loving life just playing with Jackie and kepping things picked up at home its nice to not have to worry about anything else! But it does keep me busy which is nice because i dont just want to stay at home and watch tv all day!
Anyway nothing else is really new but i am sure with my new found freedom i will be able to update more often!!!


Mary said...

Glad you're enjoying the SAHM life! You and Jackie will have to come over for a playdate sometime.

Tristan & Jennifer said...

Yay! You're home for good now! I'm so excited for you! Now you guys have to come up here for a visit with your new found "freedom"!

Caitlin said...

Are you SO happy Platinum is over and done with!?