Saturday, October 31, 2009

trunk or treat and zoo boo

We went to the zoo boo today! Jackie had fun trick or treating with the animals and getting lots and lots of candy!

The cougar was out today we had to take a pic!
Getting candy in both her buckets

Abby spent both events in the moby just a sleeping! I really love this thing its the best way to carry the baby around! I got Jackies crown since she did not want to wear it

Derek came to the zoo boo too!

She did not want to wear her crown today so she wanted to wear her headband

Abby was a cow
Jackie with both her buckets...she says one was for Abby lol. She was smart people thought she was so cute that she got double the candy

Jackie with her good friend Marie

She wanted make up on today so i let her have some she was pretty pumped!

My pretty Cinderella

Thursday, October 29, 2009

time to relax

ahhh i got a bubble bath during the girls nap time...i am sure i could have been cleaning or sleeping my self but this was a MUCH better idea!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute Abby

hmm it did not flip like it normaly does but i love this outfit on her i think she is a cutie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

some pics of all of us

Derek and Abby at the park

Jackie wanted Abby to go down the slide

Miss Abigail

Dont let the jacket fool you it was not cold, she just wanted to wear her "nana jacket"

Abby chilling in the moby she loves this thing! I made this one with my friend Jenn way cheaper then buying one!

We found a new park today

Jackie had a ton of fun and was a little dare devil she climbed up the ladders and all the little ways to get up!

I got them matching outfits at a killer sale I thought it was cute :) Jackie was pretty pumped to be wearing the same clothes as Abby.

Friday, October 23, 2009

one month stats

before i forget Abby had her one month check up today. She weighed in at 10 lbs 3.5 oz and 21.75 inches long.
I really do not like the pediatricians out here...but i am kinda stuck with them. They just seemed not to care about anything i had to say and chewed me out for letting Abby sleep in my bed. I miss our doctor in Utah. I brought up concerns to which they just jumped over. Maybe an hour drive is worth it to get a better doctor.....I just want someone who cares about my baby and thinks they are as great as I do!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I remember being a little kid, and time just seemed to drag on and on. The school day would never end, the school year went on for ever ect. Now my life seems to be passing by so fast i hardly have time to sit down and take part in it! I can not believe i have been married for 4 years, graduated from college, had 2 kids, moved to a different state! It seems just like yesterday i was living in Alpine with my parents getting ready for High School.
I am working on making sure i slow things down now. I am no longer working so i have a lot more time to enjoy little things with my children. I have always been told that being a stay at home mom is more work then working, but in all honesty i think being a stay at home mom is easier then working, because when you work you still have to do everything at home plus work a full day. Now i have more time for my kids, more time to spend on my house (i have been bad at this one lately :s) i now feel like i can enjoy time more. I can really spend time with Jackie I am excited to be home with Abby and watch her grow. Mostly I am excited to get those 8 hours i spent at work back and use them for my family! I am just excited to have more time....speaking of time its time to feed the baby!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

catch up......

Abby is having one of those i must be held at all times days....while i love holding my little snuggling muffin sometimes i need a break, since no one but Jackie is here i am going to atempt to blog while holding her so i can write to you guys and get some pictures one here of whats been going on these past few months.

here she is having tummy time

my little one!

leaving the hospital

jackie holding abby


me and abby

Derek and i guessed what she would way i said 8.5 he said 8.7...look who was right!

my first look at her!


Derek in his outfit for the c-setion

me at 2am on our way to the can see one wall of our new place

soo happy lol

here is another wall in our new place and me at 38 weeks

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

some pics of Abby

Here are some pics! They are the same ones that are on facebook lol

Jackie holding Abby she loves being a big sister
Miss Abby

Jackie nursing her dolly! She loves to be a big helper and always wants to do what i do! So she nurses her dolls and puts them to sleep and puts them in the swing...yes we have to be quite when her babies are sleeping :)

Me and Abby after church!

Guess what people!

You will get to hear from me once again! We found a deal at best buy for no payments no intertest for 18 we did that!
I will have to catch you up on the first month and put up some pictures later, but now i must go feed my hungry baby and put Jackie down for a nap and then a nap for me i hope is coming!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Test blog from phone does this work?

Happy one month snuggle bunny!

I sooo stole this from my friends blog...she always writes a letter to her kid on there month birthday and i think its cute so i am going to do it for Abby

Snuggle bunny,

Yesterday you turned one month! Mommy can not believe how fast the time has gone! You are growing and changing like crazy! You are starting to get a personality and i love watching it grow and trying to figure out all the little things about you. So far i know this much.
You LOVE to be held and snuggled.
You always want to be right next to who ever is holding you.
You love to eat (all your rolls will attest to this!) Mommy sometimes feels that she spends half her day nursing you!
You love to sleep, this is a nice difference from your big sis Jackie! You will sleep most the day for mommy (in my arms of course.
At night you are sleeping pretty well. You like our bed, but some nights i can get you to sleep the first block in the pack n play. You go for about 3 hours want to eat then sleep for 3 more then you wake up about ever 1-2 wanting to eat. I can not really complain its more sleep then i got with Jackie!
You are great at taking a nap when Jackie does so mommy can take one too!
You no longer like to be swaddled with your arms in, but like the rest of you to be wrapped up tight to sleep
You do not care for a bottle you just want the milk straight from mama! (i am still pumping and holding out you will take it later so mom can get a night off ever once in a while!)
You dont really like to be put done, so a lot of house work goes undone!
So far we do not have a ton of nicknames for you yet, but we call you snuggle bunny and Abbs. We are falling more and more in love with you as the days go on! You are a wonderful addition to our family and i can not believe the extra love that has come into our home with you! I promise you we will get you to see the rest of your family soon! Mommy loves you and loves watching you grow! I can not believe your so big already!

I know people want pictures but without a computer at home i cant put them on here facebook i can do them through my phone so go there to see her :)

Life in New Mexico!

So I came into Dereks work today so i could get on a computer for a few minutes! Things have been going pretty good just getting used to everything our here. I am making new friends and enjoying our ward. We lucked out this ward is pretty great! They have been wonderful at helping us out! I have had many people watch Jackie for a few hours and people who have given us different things!
Our new place has been nice! I feel like it is our home now. The only thing it does not have is a dishwasher but i could not pass up how BIG the place was for the smaller places that had them.
I am still without a computer and really really missing it but we are going to try to figure something out because i think i need it to help keep my sanity. lol.
As for me i spend my days chasing around Jackie, nursing, and watching tv lol. I forgot how much tv is watched with a new born....i read some times but my brain is too tired to concentrate on anything else lol.
I am not going to lie i am really struggling with missing home. I will always consider Utah my home. I have spent my whole life there and love it. I think most of all i miss my family and just want them to be able to meet Abby! it was a tough time to move away and I am still struggling with it. I am trying my best to move past it, but sometimes i still struggle. I wish we were not so far away it would be easy to go home for a quick visit, but alas we will have to wait until Christmas.
I will say this much though, our weather right now is beautiful! Its in the 70's and i love it! However my mind keeps telling me that i need to be pulling out sweatshirts and making chili lol.
Jackie is doing wonderful out here! She has made friends and loves to play with them. She likes our new place, just always asks when she is going to see family. She is an amazing big sister. She always helps me with Abby and gives her hugs and kisses. She has not been jealus at all just loving and wanting to help. She always gets me diaper when i need one and throws the dirty one away. She also always worries about Abby when she cries and will rub Abby's head saying its okay Abby. I just LOVE how much she loves Abby :)