Wednesday, October 21, 2009

catch up......

Abby is having one of those i must be held at all times days....while i love holding my little snuggling muffin sometimes i need a break, since no one but Jackie is here i am going to atempt to blog while holding her so i can write to you guys and get some pictures one here of whats been going on these past few months.

here she is having tummy time

my little one!

leaving the hospital

jackie holding abby


me and abby

Derek and i guessed what she would way i said 8.5 he said 8.7...look who was right!

my first look at her!


Derek in his outfit for the c-setion

me at 2am on our way to the can see one wall of our new place

soo happy lol

here is another wall in our new place and me at 38 weeks


ecometrochic said...

Hmm... she was two pounds 2 oz heavier than my heaviest. Good work carrying that cutie pie.

Britta said...

Oh SOO cute! I'm so happy you all are doing well. She is so precious. I can't believe how old Jackie is looking! Looks like so much fun, wish we could meet her!