Friday, November 22, 2013

My journey

This post is a lot for me. I need to remember these things. (Yes. I know it has been ages since my last post. Let's not talk about that.)
Let's go back to July. My life was trying to juggle. Newborn, going back to work,  my other two kiddos, and our house. See what is missing from the list. Yep. ME! I left myself out.  I was very overweight.  I weighed 184. At 5"3" that is a lot of weight for my short frame. I was always tried, always seemed to have a headache, and I turned to food and junk that only made me feel worse on a bad day. 
One day my husband told me he was watching the kids and to take 90min and go to the rec center.  I went and really enjoyed it. When i got home I was shocked how much happier I was. I knew it was from exercising.  I asked my husband to help me come up with exercises.  For the next three weeks I worked out six times a week. I was feeling awesome. I decided to start a workout program I had bought a long time ago. I dug out my Lindsay Brin pretty fierce DVD's read over the program and meal plan and decided I was going to do it. It was sixty days. I could do it!
I took my measurements and was ready! Day one kicked my trash. Day two I wanted to die. Day three I thought I was crazy.  This went on for the first two weeks.  I knew I had to keep going though. I loved the "high" I got from working out. I loved the break from life during workout time.
The hardest part at first was learning to eat better. I kicked soda and treats. I still had my yummy cheesy foods but in moderation.  I learned to eat less. I was overeating. I ditched the sugary breakfast and subbed it for cottage cheese and fruit.  Can I tell you how much better your day is with a good start!
At the end of the sixty days I was so proud. I did not miss a day. This means I went 8 weeks working out six times a week.  The number on the scale was down 22 and I had lost 22.5 inches. I looked better but most importantly I felt better. My life was better. I decided to do it again.  Today I just finished my 2nd time through.  People this means 120 days working out six times a week with not one miss!!!! Today the scale said 144. That means I lost 20lbs for a grand total of 40lbs. I lost 20 inches this time around too.
While I love that my body has changed that is not the most important.  I have changed my life for the better. I feel amazing.  I have so much more energy.  I play more with my kids. Cleaning takes less time.  I know how to eat better.
Here are a few things I learned. I ate too much crap. Junk and such is fine, but not needed. Always fun here and there. Counting calories sucks but doing it for a month helped me learn to eat the right amount.  Now I don't keep track I just listen to my body.  Eating out is possible. Just check menus and be smart...and of course here and there say what the hell to the menu and eat what ya want.
Again, that is not the best part. There are two sweet girls 6 and 4 as well as a baby boy. These kids see me exercising daily. The other day my 4 year old told me,"Mom, I am glad you exercise now because I know how to now." This melted my heart. I want my girls to grow up with the knowledge and tools they need to be healthy. I hope I can show them and teach them this. Example is key.
So what now? I plan on doing the next set of Pretty Fierce DVDs Lean Out. They are harder and I am ready for the challenge.  I have learned that I am pretty awesome.  I can push through anything. It is mind over matter.  I have learned that there is always time for what I make time for. I can decide what is important to me and make it happen.  I love myself and I am proud of myself.  I learned that to be a good mom, wife, person I need to put myself first. I have no more goals on where to be. I just want to stay healthy and happy.  I want to take care of the wonderful gift of a body I was given.
So there ya go. Here is to making it 60 more days.