Saturday, December 27, 2008


Editors note Blogger has decided to not let me switch the order of my pictures so please start at the end of the blog and work your way up :) it will make much more sense lol.

So we had a GREAT Christmas! we went to Dereks parents for Christmas eve then stayed at my parents house! IT was a lot of fun, and fun to see Jackie get so excited and enjoy Christmas. She got enough Handy Manny toys to last her a long time! and we had to put a way a lot of her younger toys to make way for all her new toys! But she has been having fun with them all and we are having fun watching her! hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

She got a doll from my parents and enjoyed feeding her her bottle

She got the hang of opening presents
Jackie enjoyed handing the gifts to whoever they were too

JAckie played us some Christmas Carols

My CRAZY husband in shorts out side, he said it was not cold! He sled down the hill and everything in them!

My dad sis Lauren and Jackie

My dad's dog loves to sled down the hill

Jackie trying to figure out what the heck she is sitting in

Before we opened our presents we went sleding it snowed a good foot ontop of the foot+ they already had, and next t my parents is a lot owned by the city that was made into a basin to hold water, lol so its the PERFECT sledding hill, so here is Jackie with my dad


I still do not get why a castle has a piartes wheel but oh well she likes it

Checking out the slide santa brought

we stayed at my parents house so here she is going down the stairs to see what santa left

Christmas morning
Her with derek in her pj'sOpening her Christmas PJ's

Her Christmas Dress she walked around church all day saying so pretty
Jackies Christmas eve outfit, when i pulled it out of her closet she put her hands up to her mouth, gasped and said "so pretty!" lol she is a funny girl

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We are in need!

So as Derek's last semester falls upon us, we are in need of some help! Due to the fact its his last semester we could not pick classes that work with our schedule. So we really need some help with Jackie. I really do not want to put her in a day care center, i just worry that she will not get the love and attention that kids need, and i just worry about what could happen to here there.

ANYWAY what we need is someone to help watch Jackie, even if you can do it just one day that will help us out a ton!

the times we need are


TTH 1-6

She is such a good kid, she will just play, plus she will takes a nap at one so she will sleep for a good 2-3 hours of it!

If you could watch her any of theses times starting Jan 5th please let me know! We can pay a small amount, and i will make you cookies on a regular basis!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I know a lot of people are going out of town so before everyone leaves i want to say Merry Christmas!! I hope every one has a great time seeing friends and family and enjoying the break from every day life!!
I am excited to be with our family and watch Jackie experience Christmas this year!
I hope everyone can take time this Christmas season to find some one to serve, to find some little act of service to do! I know its hard and a financially hard time to do it, but even the littlest thing you do will brighten someones day!! Plus isn't that what Christmas is really about?
As we remember the Savior and his birth lets serve him. As President President David O. McKay ) declared: “True happiness comes only by making others happy—the practical application of the Savior’s doctrine of losing one’s life to gain it. In short, the Christmas spirit is the Christ spirit, that makes our hearts glow in brotherly love and friendship and prompts us to kind deeds of service."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conversation with a one year old!

I called Derek to talk to him and Jackie stole the phone and we had the following conversation

Jackie: HI!
Me: Hi Jackie
Jackie: HI
Me: how are you?
Jackie: Good!
Me: i love you
Jackie Bye bye (she then hung up the phone!)

I love having such a smart fun baby!!

She also is learning her body parts she knows and can say


Derek is done with finals so i just wanted to say CONGRATS BABE!

I love you! I am so glad you are almost done with school, just one more semester! Thanks for being such a sweet and loving husband and father! I am so glad i married you! You make every day a little bit better, just because you are a part of it! thanks for all you do for us!!!

I love you so much, and I know Jackie loves you too!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Here is a funny picture of Jackie from my phone, lol she thought these glasses where the funniest things ever!

One day i will upload from my day


Insurance sucks, its so expensive and then if you use it you still have to pay!! lol GRRRRR

oh well at lest its there and its GOOD medical care!

PS lol i am not prego :) just singing up for insurance at work

Thursday, December 11, 2008

help please!

So Friday night and last night Jackie has woken up in hysterical crying. We are unable to calm her down for at lest 30+ minutes. After she calms down (only somewhat) she refuses to go back to sleep and will scream if we try to bring her anywhere near her bed. She wont go back to sleep for a few hours and will not lay down.
I have done some research on night terrors and she somewhat fits but not exactly so i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what is causing these and what we can do to help her!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My favorite Christmas

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately and how i want to make portray Christmas in my family. What i want my kids to get out of it and what example i want to set for them. My problem with Christmas is that people focus to much on gifts, I am don't get me wrong i like getting gifts and giving them but i just think that we should do something more. This made me reflect on past Christmas's and what we did as a family. My favorite Christmas was one where we decided to take all the money we would have spent on gifts and go down to Mexico with a charity organization and do service for those in need (here is their website) We drew names in our family and got them a $20 gift so we all had one gift but to tell you the truth no one remembers what we got that year, we remember our experience!

It was amazing, we went down to Miramar (its a suburb o
f Tijuana) and stayed in a hospital that was under construction. At the start of our first day we were sent to a home of an LDS (they get contacts of those who need help through the church down there) family who's roof was leaking and needed desperate repair. But they did not have the money to do it. We went there and fixed their roof and, then saw the inside of their little home, their floor was dirt and the mom cooked on a camp stove, we wanted to do more so we went and bought tile from costco and re tiled their floor and we were able to find them a stove, that was not run an propane and would help her out and make it less of a danger. I can still remember seeing the joy on their faces as we were helping them. They were so happy help and to get a roof, floor, and stove. They had nothing but still made us an amazing meal to say thank you.

While working on their home we saw their "neighbors" (i use that term lossley because there homes are on hills put in where ever they can. Who's roof was pieced together by tarps and random objects. We decided to help them and were able to fix their roof for them. When we went into their home we found that one room was built on because the daughter moved in with her husband and baby, they room was not safe for them to be living in. So we took their "bathroom" (it was an outhouse inside their home) and sealed it off, poured cement and cleaned and painted the walls to make it livable. We also help support the little room they added on and made it into a bathroom with a flush toilet

There were a other people in our group that came with us who helped out a lot of other people. We all enjoyed the experience. I think one of my favorite was going to church on Sunday and even though i could not understand a work that was said, you could feel the spirit and feel the love these saints had and how thankful they were for us to be there and help them out. There are so many good people there who have little to nothing, my family ward (a lot of them came with us when we went) has done many things for this ward since then. We have gone back once more to help and see everyone again. It was such a good experience to see how happy they were and how thankful they were for our service a year later.

I can still remember coming back into the states and being so excited to use a real toilet again (at lest one i could flush toilet paper down!) take a hot shower, and be able to drink out of the faucet! And not worry if the restaurant i am eating out will make me sick, but i must say they have the BEST taco stands!

This was my favorite Christmas, there were not really any gifts, just a chance to serve and help others. I want to make sure that at Christmas time in my home we focus on Christ and honor him by serving those in need. Since i have been married we have always been really tight on money and have not been able to do anything for others, this year things are tight but i told Derek i really want to do something, so we are going to participate in the Angel tree at my work. I want to make sure at Christmas time we just give a few gifts, and spend our time and money helping those who need it. I don't want my kids to think of Christmas as a time to get whatever they want, but as a time to find those that need help and to serve them!

Sorry i know that was a long post! I have pictures from our trip, but they are not digital so i don't have them on my computer sorry! But the website has some pics on it!

here our pics of the group i went with

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Thanks guys for all your comments on the WOW post! I enjoy reading them and hearing what everyone thinks. Here is what i think. I think that the guys is being a little over dramatic about the whole situation which seems typical for the BYU opinion section so i guess it is to be expected.

I really would say i agree with Danielle. There are many things out there that can cause us to be dissatisfied with our spouse, it could be a commercials, something you here from your friends about their spouse, in church , or many many other ways

When i read twilight i did not think any less of Derek nor did i want him to become more like Edward. I love him for who he is, i married him because of who he is not who he could become. Plus i do not think Edward or Shayne are the perfect man we expect every one to be. I think its taking a HUGE step to say that those books and movies are emotional porn. I think people need to grow up and start taking accountability for their own actions. I get sick of people trying to place blame outside of their selfs. If you feel your spouse is not giving you what you need in your marriage talk to him and tell him what you need, don't tell him to just be more like so and so but tell him what you need in your life. But don't expect them to be perfect no one is there will always be a road bump you have to get through and hills you have to climb, but stick together and you will get through it!

I also know that there are some books out there that are bad and depict really graphic sex scenes but twilight and chick flicks (with in reason and rating) are not among those.

I think that its good for us at times to hear about the best of the best so we can become a little bit better and improve our selfs! Since we are not perfect there is always room for some improvement!!

lol k thats my thoughts, i love hearing yours so keep responding!

Cell Phone pictures!

Here are some cute pics of Jackie from my phone. Here she is on her seat--it was supposed to be for Christmas but her dad did not want to wait, she loves this thing and sits on it all the time! its a really cool chair this is the laying down position but it folds up too to be a little sofa. She loves to fold it up and down just have to wrap it up on Christmas morning ;)

This was her on Sunday, i thought she looked so cute in her outfit! and she did not pull her hair out! It was a good day!

Please ignore her hair here ;) her daddy did not do it lol. This is Jackie eating her very first ice cream cone, we have given her bites of ours but we decided she could try out her own, lol she did not eat much of it but was SO excited to have one

Daddy really for me!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


so i was reading the BYU paper today, (well its Fridays paper) and this article was in the opinion section I really don't know what to say to that except, WOW? Really? like i said can not find the words to say to dear Andrew...What do you guys think??

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oral History Project

This is an interview Derek conducted for Comms 301: History and Philosophy of Journalism. It is with his Grandma, who is a wonderful women.

Fern J. King Oral History Project
Interview with Fern J. King
Date of Interview: November 16, 2008; Bountiful, Utah
Interviewer: Derek Stell
Transcriber: Derek Stell
Begin Tape 1, Side 1

Stell: What is your date of birth Grandma?
King: October the 5th 1926
Stell: So that makes you how old now?
King: Eighty two years old.
Stell: Where were you born?
King: Echo, Utah. Summit County.
Stell: What do you remember of the first time you heard radio, or of the first time you saw television?
King: (Laughter) The first time I heard radio was probably when we went down to the mill, my father owned a grist mill. He had built an electric light plant in the mill so that we would have DC current. It was not AC current like we have now, it was DC current. We had to go turn the wheel in the mill to let the water in to turn the wheel in the mill before we could have lights. We only had the radio on three or four hours a night.
Stell: What did you listen to?
King: Well, I can remember listening to music. I can remember listening to [LDS General] conference. We always had it on during conference times. And, let’s see. I remember that every once in a while we would turn it on in the day-time and I would listen to a soap opera. It was called Helen Trent. (laughter)
Stell: What was Helen Trent about?
King: It was just about life and things. It was a soap opera. (laughter)
Stell: What was the first big news event you remember hearing on the radio?
King: The first big news thing I remember hearing was probably, we came home from church, I can’t remember how old I was, I was probably a teenager, but it was when they bombed Pearl Harbor.
Stell: What do you remember about the broadcasts from that?
King: I remember that we turned it on, and it was late in the afternoon that we turned the lights on so that we could listen to the radio. They talked about the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor and that they had lost all the ships and planes and everything. I think I was probably about sixteen years old at that time.
Stell: What did you think, or what did you feel at that time?
King: Well, I was real sad about it, but I had never heard of Pearl Harbor. So, I didn’t know where it was. Because, Echo was a little railroad town and we lived a mile up the canyon. Echo Canyon goes from Echo to Evanston, Wyo. And that is where the pioneers came down when they came to settle Salt Lake City. They traveled down Echo Canyon.
Stell: Did it seem real to you?
King: Well, it seemed real because there wasn’t anything I could associate it with because I had never heard about bombing and things like that.
Stell: Is there another significant event you remember hearing on the radio?
King: Well probably the most significant thing I remember hearing on the radio was that the boys would be going to war. They were being drafted at that time. The boys in my junior and senior year at North Summit high in Coalville actually joined the Army because they weren’t going to graduate otherwise. So, they graduated them because they joined the Army and the Navy. And I actually joined the Army in 1944. It was six days after I had graduated from school. I went to Salt Lake and joined the Army and they were going to educate the three girls of us to be nurses in the Army. And I got upset because I had failed dumbbell English. You can put that in there I don’t care. The second quarter that I was there, I had to take swimming. I about drowned when I was eight or nine years old in the damn that my dad had built to run the grist mill. My sister had pushed the raft out to me and I got out and was OK. But, I remember when I got in the water I wanted to turn over on my head and I jumped back up and came back up. I’m afraid of water OK. The Lady that taught us swimming lessons, we had to have swimming lessons for the Army, she never got my head underneath the water. So, she failed me. So, I had met my husband to be and he had come to visit me. He was stationed in Pensacola, FL. He kept calling me and wanted me to come down and get married. I remember that I had saved money because I had worked at the Snagle’s supply depot in Clearfield filling boxcars. I drew fifty dollars out of the bank and was able to buy a ticket to Pensacola, Florida for fifty dollars on the train. That was 1945.
Stell: Do you remember, where things a lot different when you got to Florida?
King: Yes. In Utah you could get married at eighteen. In Florida, you couldn’t get married until you were 21. I had to call home and have my Dad telegraph consent for us to get married.
Stell: So he telegraphed the consent?
King: Mmm, hmm. Oh yeah. There was a railroad depot in Echo at the time that did telegraph. And I remember that they had stationed guards from the Army at the Echo reservoir and they were all black men and we had never really seen black people before.
Stell: Was that weird for you guys to see black people?
King: Well, I just knew they were black. A lot of the girls associated with them, but I didn’t.
Stell: Do you remember when television started getting big, what was your first television like?
King: My first television I saw was one in my father’s home. We had moved from Brigham City up to Echo because my husband had lost his job. He went to work for Devil’s Slide doing welding and he then he went to work for the Highway Patrol weighing trucks going up the canyon. We stayed there for nine years on the farm. My brother Glen Jones worked for KSL and he came out and built a TV antenna that took up the whole yard on posts and we could get the television. It had a lot of snow on it, but my father loved to watch the boxing matches. That was about all that we could get. My two little boys loved to go over and eat Grandma’s cookies and watch the TV with Grandpa.
Stell: Do you remember your first television, when you finally got a television?
King: We didn’t get a television till we moved to Bountiful in 1956. That was the first time we had a television in our home. It was an old one and my brother always had to come out and fix it because it had tubes in it. The tubes would blow out.
Stell: Do you remember what kind of things you watched back then?
King: I loved to watch the comedians and I think The Price is Right was there at that time, I can’t remember. But, we just watched what would be on in the evening. We always watched a movie if we could watch a movie on it.
Stell: Do you remember seeing any news stories or anything?
King: Yeah, the news stories came on when the Korean war started. We watched news stories about that. We always watched news and the weather forecasts. I don’t remember any specific thing. I always watched conferences.
Stell: Do you remember seeing any particular conferences?
King: I remember when Brother McKay, President McKay, was put in. We watched that program. I remember that when we were in Florida, President Heber J. Grant died. But we didn’t have a TV down there at all. In fact, we lived in the colored district in Florida. (laughter) It was interesting, we lived on the corner and a colored church was on the other corner. They were very interesting to hear and to watch.
Stell: What was so interesting about it?
King: Well, they would have a funeral and during the funeral everyone would get up and pray by the casket. They would scream and holler and carry-on. Oh, it was something. My husband was in the Navy and had to wear Wight uniforms and I would wash them and hang them on the clothes-line. Sometimes they would come over and cut the clothes line. This was the first time I had ever washed on a scrubbing board and cold water. (laughter) We lived on ninety dollars a month. That is all he got paid. Paid fifty dollars a month rent and we could go down to the Warf and they would give us free fish every once in a while. And if he stood guard at the Naval base in Pensacola, he would catch crabs and bring them home for supper which was very good. We lived on seafood. (laughter)
Stell: You said you watched conference a lot, have you seen a lot of changes in the church?
King: Yes, the changes I’ve seen in the church is they now broadcast more all the time. You can turn it to PBS [KUED] and watch the conference over again if you want to.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Handy Manny

So this is Handy Manny Jackies favorite show, she loves to watch it when she wakes up and before bed. We got her a Handy Manny jacket and it has a few of the tools. Anyway she knows Manny and has been able to say his name for a while, but she just learned Rusty (he is the monkey wrench (orange)) its SO cute when she says it lol....don't know what i am going to do with her she is growing up to fast!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Does anyone know of a place close by that we could take Jackie to see Santa that will let you take your own pictures?? She needs to see Santa this year since we are slacker parents and did not take her last year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I put the monkey in her cage

read this post first
I finally caught the Monkey and put her in her cage--left and shut the door. I had not heard anything for 10 minutes and i assumed it meant the Monkey had fallen asleep. All the sudden i hear uncontrollable laughter coming from her room. I went in and she was jumping from one side of her cage to the other. She had also thrown out her blanket and stuffed animals lol. I could not stop laughing when I saw her. I laid her back down and said good night and the Monkey feel asleep! :)

Monkey hunt

So its 30 minutes passed Jackie's bed time and she is running around my living room laughing her little head off lol.......guess i need to get a big net and go on a Monkey hunt!!

Celebrity Boob Twin

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jessica Simpson

Come What May and Love it!

With the passing of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin one of our dear Apostles, I just wanted to remember the talk he gave us this past conference because it really was my favorite and i really needed to hear it when he gave it.

Come What May and Love it. He made some points
Learn to Laugh, Seek for the Eternal, The Principle of Compensation, Trust in the Father and the Son, I loved his talk and its true, we need to learn that our life will go in many different directions we can not know what way our life will go, but we need to be able to love what ever situation we are put in.

I have found that in times of trials you can learn and grow from them, and in the end be thankful for the situations the Lord put us in

So as He said, Come what may and love it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

more words for Jackie............Nursery

So this weekend Jackie started saying a lot of names! she said

Andy (her uncle)
Alex (her Uncle)
Lauren (her Aunt)
Chris (her uncle)

She also said

Ice cream
hohey (hockey)

I love watching her learn and grow and learn new words! It was fun to watch her put names to faces!! And of course they all loved it!

So Jackie is now old enough to go to nursery with me! Well starting this coming Sunday, I am so freaking excited, we cheated and went this Sunday, and it was so freaking nice! Nursery is perfect for little kids (lol i know go figure) their little bodies cant hold still for the three hours expecially when they are missing nap time!
But nursery is nice, i mean play time,
then they sit and sing songs for like 3 minutes,
and then have a 1 minute lesson,
then its off to snacks,
and then story time!
Its perfect and Jackie is so much happier then us trying to keep her in classes with us! We will just see what happens in January when i leave her, I really do not think that she will have a problem she goes to the gym day care just fine :)

She always makes it through one meeting with us, so now we just need to make that Sacrament and we will be good to go!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 things i have learned--in no order what so ever, but yet in an order on the page

So i am at work and its slow and i got started in to thinking about the little life lessons i have learned lately so i decided to write them down here so i do not forget!

10. You will never have enough time in life do do everything, so prioritize and decide what is really important and do that first because if the other things don't get done you wont care, but if you miss the important things you will be sad
9. Nothing will ever go the way you anticipated. It might go better it might go worse, so just be ready for anything
8. There is always someone who you can help. No matter what your situation is, how bad off you are there is always someone who is in need of your help! So forget about your troubles and help someone else it will make you feel better!
7. The Church will always be there. Where ever you go the church will always be there it is the same no matter what country or language its in. Go weekly and you will be happier and feel more peace
6. Pay your tithing first and you will have enough money. Somehow as long as you make sure that is the first check you write, everything else works out. I think its a way of saying keep the Lord first, because as long as you do he will make everything okay. Things will come your way, it might take a while it might get scary but the Lord will make sure EVERYTHING works out and it will, if your waiting for something to happen don't worry or stress just be patient the Lord has his own time line but i promise you pay your tithing and do what you should and the Lord will work everything out!
5. Crap happens. No matter what you do, or how good you are bad things happen. They are there to teach us and to help us grow, we can not escape trails, but we can use them to learn and to grow.
4. Having a close relationship with your family keeps you happy. God put us in families for a reason, they are there to help us and support us! Use them, and love them! Always make time for family!
3. Once you have kids you will never have enough alone time. Whether its with your spouse or just your self, once you have a kid you will never have enough alone time, so enjoy it while you can and welcome the change when you get it! And of course make sure you get a sitter now and then and get out of the house and have some fun with the love of your life!!
2. You will think love your kids/spouse as much as possible but you can always love them more! I am always amazed at how much my love grows for Derek and Jackie it seems like the littlest things make me love them even more!
1. You can never get enough hugs and kisses from your kids! Enjoy every hug and kiss from your kids, because they get big so fast, give them hugs and kisses as often as possible, and play with them as much as possible, turn off the TV and spend time with them!!

I love all you guys out there! I am so glad for friends and family that love and support us! If any of you guys are going through a rough time hang in there I promise things will turn up and you will be able to make it through what ever you are going through as long as you stay close to the Lord!! Don't stray from his path because it will make it that much harder to get back on track! If any of you guys need anything just let me know!


My family is off skiing and i am stuck at work does that sound fair??????

Monday, November 24, 2008

i so stole this from Danielle!

So I just stole this from my friends blog :) Hope you don't mind! I think is funny and want to know what others think! SO EVERYONE DO THIS!!! k its funny! Just comment on my blog and tell me....

Would you Rather...

have a head twice the normal size OR half the normal size?

drive 50 miles with a car full of digital alarm clocks beeping OR drive the same distance with 4 styrofoam coolers, which constantly rub against each other, creating that annoying squeeking sound?

age only from the neck up OR age only from the neck down?

have to wear visible diapers for the rest of your life OR always have to drink and eat out of a bottle?

have your skin change into vibrant colors according to your emotional state (e.g. red for anger, blue for sadness) OR wildly and uncontrollably flail your arms around whenever you walk?

be married to an annoying practical joker who frequently pulls the 'bucket over the door' gag and many other elaborate jokes like it OR marry someone with no sense of humor?


I am so happy its a short week today! Its Monday but in the work world its Wednesday! Only 2 more days of work!! Then a nice weekend with good food and family! :) I love the holidays!

Any way Jackie is slowly becoming obsessed with shoes lol, she loves to play with her shoes and try to put them on. She will come up and tell me shoes shoes shoes and take me into her room and try to get me to open her container with all her shoes. Then she will bring them to us all excited! She also always knows where her normal shoes are when we are getting ready to leave you just have to ask her where her shoes are and she will run off to where ever she has left them and bring them to us :) lol
She can now climb in to her high chair, this is a clear sign she wants to eat ;) lol and she loves to climb on to our table to turn on our laptop (yes she knows the on button) so she can see the pictures of her self! She is a little vain! She loves to look at her self!! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

remembering the good times

Ah who could forget Hall to Collie's on 4th and 18 With Unga capping it off

And Beck's pass to Harline

Lets remember the good time

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jackie mama????

This is Jackie's baby, she loves this little doll. Today she was playing ma ma. I was cleaning up from her dinner and i hear her saying mama baby mama baby. I look over and she has the babies hand and is pointing it to her self saying mama and then taking the babies hand and saying baby lol here she is holding her babyShe loves to carry her baby all around the houseHere she was saying "baby eye" she then went on to teach her nose and ear (now in PJ's) she is saying knock knock, if you cant tell she has the babies hand is knocking it against the door

Making sure the baby has its binki
oh and of course trying it out her self!

The baby got hungry so she put her in her high chair

She had to make sure she was buckled in!
And then she tried to feed her grapes!
Lol Jackie always makes me laugh! Hope you guys enjoy reading about all the stuff she does,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just want to say...

How much i freaking love my daughter Jacquelyn! I spent some time today reading a blog about a mother who lost her child (here) . It really made me reflect back on Jackie and how much she means to me!
When ever i am down or having a rough day it just takes a few minutes of playing with Jackie or holding her for everything to melt away and for everything to feel right again!
I am so glad the Lord as entrusted me with his precious daughter, and that Derek and I get to raise her!
I love teaching her things and seeing her learn every time she does something new i get so excited!! I love being a part of Gods plan! I love knowing what his plan is! I love knowing that no matter what happens in this life, as long as i do what i am supposed to, everything will work out! Trials will arise but we can get through them! I love this gospel! I am so glad to be apart of it! I love motherhood, its really one of the greatest things i can think of!! Once again, I love this gospel, it is true i have no doubt about that! I love Jackie and my sweet husband Derek and I am so glad he is always there for me, but right now I cant wait tell i get off work and I can go scoop Jackie up in my arms and give her a hug!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What i am thankful for!

Right now this makes me extremely happy! I cant believe gas prices have gone down more then $2!!! It makes driving affordable again! Instead of over $60 to fill our tank it only costs $30! I hope everyone else is enjoying the LOW LOW LOW gas prices! Now i am just waiting for it to go to $0.99 like it was when i started driving! ;) but i guess for now i will just be happy its under $2!

As thanksgiving nears i ask you all what is something you are thankful for? Please tell me :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rise and shout!

So we have been singing the cougar fight song to Jackie since i was prego, any way when we sing it she will clap her hands or put her arm in the air doing the raw raw raw part. She will come up to us and put her arm in the air saying rise rise and wait for us to sing, but tonight i was holding her in my lap while she was holding her doll and i hear her singing rise rise rise go go yaaaaay i look down and she is claping her dolls hands together and moving them in circles (you know like you do at the end of the fight song?) and putting the dolls hands in the air saying YAY! LOL I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She is always doing something cute and i love to share it with the world! Just remember its never to late to teach them which is the TRUE school!! lol GO BYU ON SATURDAY!!!!

more words for Jackie

So this is my journal, its where i write things i want to remember any way here are some words Jackie started saying this past week

  • stairs
  • down
  • i gotcha (as she grabbed Issac her stuffed animal that "talks" via her father or me) she loves him to death and always likes to give him hug
  • bear
  • ear! she now knows her eyes nose toung and ear
lol i know there is another one but i cant remember it right now grrrrrrr

I don't know why she is such a great talker, but she is! I could make my guesses lol but i would just say, its who she is! I was a big talker when i was little and she seems to be just like me!! We never taught her sign because she could communicate with us at an early age. Who knows lol I just think its cute!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear blog world,

Please blog more. I need something to keep me entertained while working. I would greatly appreciate your compliance with this request! at the very lest send me links to interesting blogs out there!

Thank you and i love you all!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bathtime for jackie???????

I was not joking she dives in when we try to take showers lol here is the proof! As you can tell she is REALLY happy about her accomplishment!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jackie Jackie Jackie

We decided Jackie needs to start pulling her weight around the house by doing chores. she is now in charge of mopping......
She works really hard! She makes sure to get all the spots on the floor
She loves every minute of it

look how hard she concentrates while she does it! haha what can i say my daughter loves to help me around the house! Anytime i am doing something she wants to help. (i really hope you know i am joking she does not have any chores lol)

okay i am a slacker mom here is Jackie in her dog costume


Mom look what i found while you where making lunch! You should really think of a better hiding spot than behind the chair

Here mom i will share with you i know these are your favorite, after all it is my candy i am the one who they gave it too!

mmmm thanks for giving me some! cant wait to eat the rest of it!!!

hahahah on top of the counter not good enough mom! I can still find it! ITS MINE ALL MINE!!

MOM YOU BETTER GIVE ME SOME!! All the other moms are giving their kids candy! come on just one little piece!