Monday, November 17, 2008

more words for Jackie

So this is my journal, its where i write things i want to remember any way here are some words Jackie started saying this past week

  • stairs
  • down
  • i gotcha (as she grabbed Issac her stuffed animal that "talks" via her father or me) she loves him to death and always likes to give him hug
  • bear
  • ear! she now knows her eyes nose toung and ear
lol i know there is another one but i cant remember it right now grrrrrrr

I don't know why she is such a great talker, but she is! I could make my guesses lol but i would just say, its who she is! I was a big talker when i was little and she seems to be just like me!! We never taught her sign because she could communicate with us at an early age. Who knows lol I just think its cute!

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Kate and Josh said...

Thats so darn cute! I love reading your updates, it make me so excited to be a mom! I was also a big talker when i was a baby but josh barely said anything til he was older so we are curious to see what happens when we have kids!