Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my little Jackie

So i love talking about Jackie so this is a post dedicated to her!

  • She is getting so big! She is getting three teeth right now which brings her total to 11
  • She really like to watch playhouse Disney in the mornings
  • her favorite show is handy Manny she will always bring us the remote and say Manny Manny
  • she can say so many words now i cant even count! Every day we hear a new word, yesterday it was "clothes" as she was pulling out clothes and handing them to Derek and "play" as she was pointing to the TV wanting to watch "dogs" 101 Dalmatians
  • her favorite words are baby Aubrey (the daughter of my friend who watches Jackie), dog, hi, Manny and bye.
  • She loves to talk on the video phone to my mom! She will point to it and say call grammamama, and when my mom answers she starts waving and saying hi and blowing kisses! She will talk to my mom forever babbling on and on and try to show her things or feed her food! ( I would really recommend a video to anyone with grandparents/grand kids far away! Its so nice that my daughter can know my mom and brothers and talk to them even though she lives in Vegas! And its just 10-30 a month so its also affordable! But really i love it and Jackie loves it! My mom loves watching Jackie grow and seeing her in action--as she puts it its way better then video messages!)
  • she is figuring out how to run and loves to run around and chase us or run away from us
  • when she is really tired she will go to her crib and try to get in
  • she loves to give hugs and kisses and is always up for some cuddles
  • she really loves chips and salsa and will always ask us for "dip" (chips and salsa)
  • She loves to talk to me or derek on the phone she will just babel along lol its really cute
  • She knows her eyes, nose, and toung and loves to point them out on her or other people face!

There is more but these are my favorite! I love being a mom! Its really one of the greatest things there is! I love Jackie so much, she is my little girl!! I miss her a ton while i am at work and cant wait to get home to her so i can get some hugs!


Danielle and the Boys said...

ohhh...what a fun update! i can't believe how big she's getting already! thanks for sharing! :)

Plain Jame said...

She's such a cute girl! Thanks for your comment. I hope Jackie is up for ANOTHER cousin!