Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random things about me

So EVERYONE is doing this and i thought hmmm maybe I should join in the fun.

1. I come from a blended family so i have 4 parents and 13 siblings (8 step brothers 2 1/2 brothers 1 blood brother 1 step sister and 1 1/2 sister)
2. I have lived in Utah my whole life, most of which was spent in Utah county.
3. I want to move out of Utah for at lest a little while, I would like my kids to get a taste of what it is to live outside of here
4. I hate to clean, i really just can not stand to spend time cleaning! So my rule is i will keep my living room clean we pick it up every night, that way if people come over there is an area that is presentable. I will clean the other areas when i feel like it :)
5. I could care less about HDTV and Blue ray. I have seen movies and TV shows on them and I just don't think its that much cooler, i really do not need to see how Morgan Freeman is aging
6. I love working, but at the same time HATE being away from Jackie and my home.
7. I am starting to be okay McDonalds (shhh don't tell Derek) its the only place that has a play place that Jackie can play in with out our help so we have taken her there a lot this winter so she can play and get her energy out because lets face it our apt is too small to do that
8. I am a horrible lair.
9. I also have a fear of the dentist
10. I hate driving, i love being the passenger
11. I hate that i live so far from my mom
12. I LOVE my DVR and really do not know how i will ever watch TV again with out it, if i am ever watching "live" TV i get so frustrated that i can not fast forward through the commercials. I figure watching TV on a DVR saves time because you don't spend time watching all the junk you don't want to watch :)
13.I have an irrational fear of Doctors and spiders. It took everything inside of me to handle going to the doctor monthly while prego with Jackie, I have no idea how i am going to be able to handle it with this one...I just plain don't like them.....don't even get me started on spiders
14. I only knew Derek for 2 months when he proposed and we were married a month later
15. I would rather spend my mornings playing with Jackie then taking the time to do my hair fancy so it usually ends up in a bun of some sorts.
16. I absolutely love to cook, I love that i can just throw things together and they always work
17. I hate recipes and never really use them
18. I love cooking for people and having people over for dinner! It just gets really expensive so we don't do it as often as I would like, but if you want to come over some time let me know!
19. I played the violin in high school, but i have not really touched it much since then so i don't know if i can still play it
20. I am not a paranoid person or mother and i figure Jackie has only been sick once in her life so I figure what is the point about stressing out even more.
21. I am a food snob, since I love to cook (and i think i am pretty good) I hate it when people don't put time and love into their cooking
22. I always try to find the good in a situation
23. I always try to see something from the other persons side sometimes this drives Derek crazy, but i always want to give people the benefit of the doubt
24. I married the best man in the world for me and have loved every minute if marriage
25. I love Mexican food :)

OKAY EVERYONE! get on it and do it if you have not already! I want to learn all about you guys!

They grow up to fast

I cant believe getting her to sleep in a big girl bed would be so easy! She did figure out how to get around the rail and climb out, she came out twice i put her right back in and before I knew it I had a sleeping baby...or big girl. I don't quite know what to call her anymore.....All i know is she will always be my baby, and she is growing up WAY to fast!

UPDATE: She made it through the whole night! She came in my room this morning when she woke up as happy as could be, i think she liked the freedom.....we shall see if she will do it again

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just have to brag

Today was Jackie's 18 month check up and the doc was floored by how advanced she is and by everything she is doing! He was mostly impressed by her talking abilities! She even had a conversation with the doc while we were there. He came in and said Hi she said, "hi" he asked how are you today she said, "good" he asked if she has been good for mama and she said, "yes" lol. He told me that she just seems like the perfect kid, she is way above all the developmental mile stones and she was perfect while the doc was looking at her and did what ever he asked! She only cried for a second when she got her shoots.

We were in the dinosaur room, and I was teaching her about the dinosaurs and she said dinaor, after her shoots they got dinosaur band aids and kept pointing to them telling me dinaor

She was 32.5 inches long which is the 75.86%
She was 25.13Lbs. which is the 63.59
and her head came in at 19 in. which is 90.62% lol poor girl has always had a big head but hey its coming down from the 99% she started in ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

What me and Derek are up to ;)

I know always blog about Jackie so i thought i would update you guys on me and Derek lol

We are doing great! Derek is finishing up his last semester in school, witting here and there for the Daily Herold and playing hockey for BYU! He is always busy and running around trying to get everything done, we don't see too much of each other right now, but its nice to know come April he will be done with school!! He is starting to look around for jobs after he is done which is an exciting scary adventure for us!
As for me, I am doing great! Just working and trying to make sure we get some good family time in! Work is going pretty good they have laid off a few people but assure me I am safe, but its still a little scary, you just never know what can happen. Besides that everything is great :) As you can tell my blogged got pimped again by Jenn! THANKS JENN!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is doing great! Just remember to always Smile and be happy :)

Kiddie tag

Name and Meaning: Jacquelyn Supplanter

Age: 18 months

Nicknames: monkey, moo face, Jackie bear, moo head, Jackie cougar, Jackie, monkey moo

Favorite Activities: Watching Handy Manny, playing ring around the rosies, coloring, playing with her Handy Manny tools, playing with my now her stuffed cougar Isaac, wresting with daddy, playing on our bed, playing "chase"

Favorite Foods: lol cheese would be the TOP she also likes, spaghetti, really anything with noodles and sauce, she loves chicken and rice, broccoli, grapes, apples tomatoes, strawberries, fries, really she LOVES all food

Least Favorite Foods: We have yet to find a food she will not eat or that she does not really like :)

Favorite Music: She loves the primary songs they always make her happy in the car, she loves the theme song to two and a half men she even knows it ;) !

Favorite Toys: I would have to say her slide, magna doddle, and OF OCURSE her handy manny tool box ;)

Favorite Books: Bubbles bubbles is her FAVORITE she even knows alot of the words and when we stop she will fill them in (we might have read it ONE to many times) she also likes, the rain came down, and good night moon

Favorite Item of Clothing: hmmmm thats a hard one because she LOVES clothes in general. We had to put a hockey stick through her dresser so she could not open it and take her clothes out and try to put them on. If i would have to pick i would say dresses are her favorite because she FREAKS out when i bring them out and keeps saying so pretty sp pretty :)

What makes her happy: Tickling, hugs, kisses, coloring with her on her magna doddle, giving her spaghetti, letting her have her bottle, letting her on our bed to play with us, talking on the video phone to my mom

What makes her sad: She gets sad when dad leaves, when I wont let her have her bottle, when i wont let her spill her bottle, and really just if we wont let her do what she wants

Funny words or phrases: My favorite thing she says is when she comes into a room she says, "hi guys!" lol She just learned cougar :) when you tell her go cougars, she starts to sing the fight song, "rise rise" then puts her arm in the air "raw raw raw raw". "Call granma" is her favorite thing to say. She just learned bum bum too :) and she can say love you!

Favorite thing about them: My favorite thing about Jackie is how much she loves us! I love how unconditional her love is! Being a mom you dont always do what makes them happy, and its nice to know they will still love you and want hugs and kisses!

I tag anyone and everyone that has a kid lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I almost have an 18 month old!

WOW how time flies! I can not believe on Sunday Jackie will be 18 months old, it really seems like just yesterday she was a little baby who just wanted to be held, feed, and changed! here are some updates on Jackie!

  • She has 12 teeth
  • She knows more words then we can count
  • can speak in sentences
  • she can have little conversations with us
  • She loves to play ring around the rosies
  • she loves Hanndy Manny
  • She knows all the tools by name and will talk to us about them all the time
  • She will occasionally ask us to go to the bath room, i have been told by some i should not even try and she is too young to be potty trained but hey, if she is asking me to use the bathroom OF COURSE i am going to let her, the thought of not having to buy dipars or change them sounds good:)
  • She is a great eater! She loves salads and if i ever have one she will come up by me and eat it with me!
  • She thinks quesadilas should have tomatoes or salsa on them and if they do not she asks me for dip
  • She loves chips and salsa, she will even eat salsa by the spoon fulll
  • She loves peper on her food-i decided early on i did not want a kid who would not eat something because peper was on it-she always eats what we eat, and peper is on our food so its on hers.
  • She can say love you
  • she loves to call my mom on the video phone and always asks me to call grama
  • she learns names of people so fast!! she knows a lot of her Uncles and her aunt, and knows who her grandmas and grandpas are!
  • She also picks up names of kids and babies she is around
  • she loves to play
  • she loves to kiss dada and to not kiss me
  • she still loves her bottle, a habit that will be broken soon that i am not excited to break
  • She loves to say prayer. Nnow after story she says, "prayer" then folds her arms and says "evenly father" then bables for a minute and says "amen". She then unfolds her arms looks at us and relaizes we are still praying so folds her arms again and waits for us to say amen then she says it again!
Well there are some things she is doing now, I can not even express how much i love being Jackies mom!! My heart has grown so much since she has come into my life, its a love i do not even know how to express. But i love her with all my heart. I was once asked if i regrated not waiting longer to have her, my response is i would do it all over again with out even taking a breath. I would not change a thing. I love her so much, I love our life with her in it. She brings so much joy and laughter in to our home. She has such a sweet sprit that i know blesses us and our home. I love her little hugs, and when i can sneak a kiss from her, i love talking to her on the phone and hearing how excited she gets to hear from mom. I love when i come home from work and she just starts smiling and laughing.
I love how she is develpoing a personality that is all her own, and how much she is learning and growing.
Motherhood is amazing, and i am so thankfull for the trust the Lord has put in me to allow me to be a mother!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blessings always come!

I love that blessings always come into our life's! I have been really worried lately about what to do about insurance for Jackie because its SO expensive through my work! Well i guess its normal for insurance but that's a lot of money for us right now as we are trying to get Derek though school. I was told about another option that bases payments off what you make, and I was able to get it for her! Now i can relax and not stress out so much, she will be covered and we can afford it. :) I really am thankful for our health care system here in the U.S. and the help its been to us while we have been in college!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jackies new game

My sweet daughter Jackie has come up with a new game, its called not kissing mama. If i ask her for a kiss she will do EVERYTHING in her power to try to get away. Before bed time she gives Derek big kisses but when its my turn she runs away or turns her head to try and get out of it. Meanwhile she is laughing her head off. Her new thing is when i ask her for a kiss she turns to me puts her finger in the air and says, "NO!"
Lol she thinks its funny, Derek thinks its funny, I miss my kisses! haha oh well its kinda funny and its fun to see her getting a personality and learning how to be a little prankster!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby post!

(Dont get any ideas Danielle! I am not prego!! lol )

1.Where were you when you first found out that you were pregnant? In the Bathroom
2.Who was with you? lol just me! Derek wanted me to wait a week to take a test but i knew something was up so i took it!
3.How did you find out that you were pregnant? I had been really tired for a few days and felt weird so i peed on a stick and saw two lines
4.What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? I was SO excited, then i got nervous!!!!
5.Who was the first person you told? DEREK!!!!
6.Did you plan to get pregnant? Yes, I was surprised it happened so fast!! we thought it would take a while so that part was a surprise!
7.Did you tell everyone else right away? We told our parents, and Derek siblings. After that we just told if people asked lol oh i guess i told work right away
8.Was everybody happy for you? Oh yes!!!!
9.Did you go out and celebrate? We went to wingers!!
10.Did you want to find out the sex? Oh YES! I do not know how people could not find that out! I went crazy waiting 19 weeks to find out!!! lol
11.What was the sex? Girl!
12.Did anyone throw you a baby shower? My mom and Neighbor and Neighbor! It was great! Best shower EVER!! .
13.Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew that you wouldn't put on your baby? lol a few, but i think i have used them when we have reached the bottom of the drawers!
14.How much weight did you gain? 12 lbs
15.Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? lol yes, but alas i gained some of it back
16.Did you get any stretch marks? Sadley enough my stomach now looks like to got attacked by a tiger!
17.What did you crave the most? 1st trimester wingers, wings 2nd los 3 amigos salsa and smothered burritos and Chillies fajitas, salsa and molten lava cake 3rd trimester Carls Jr. spicy chicken sandwhiches
18.Did you crave anything crazy? lol the craziest thing was on my b-day i was 8 months prego derek was going to take me to the roof, when we were getting ready i started to crave carls jr. spicy chicken sandwhiches so i begged him to take me there instead! haha
19.Who or what got on your nerves? lol not getting the food i wanted ;)
20.Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? lol nope nothing really just all the normal stuff, i did have really really bad sciatic nerve issues through the 2nd and 3rd trimester
21.Where and when did you go into labor? On the 24th of July i told derek we were trying every wifes tale in the book because i was done being prego. So we did during the night i woke up with back pains, but thought nothing of it and tried to sleep lol i did not get much sleep and by 7 am i could no longer stay in bed and relized the pains were 5 minutes apart i was confused and thought i could not be in labor because the pains were in my back. And the pain never went way just got worse every 5 minutes then would go down. So i called the doc and he told me i was in labor, and to come to the hospital. I told him that it could not be labor he said its called back labor. I told him i would go to the office to get checked out lol
22.Did your water break? They broke it there when i was 5 cm
23.Who drove you to the hospital? lol i did!
24.Who was in the room when you gave birth? Derek, and some docs
25.Did you go early or late? 3 days early!
26.How long were in labor for? 13 hours before my emergency c section
27.Did you have any drugs for the pain? HECK YES!!!!
28.Did you go natural or have a C-section? C-section. Before i even went to the hopsital while at the docs office they were worreid about Jackie because her heart rate was so low and dropped with every contraction, so they told me to be prepared. I got them to wait tell 8pm but her heart rate was just too low they had to get her out!
29.What was your first reaction after giving birth? I was scared, they ran her out so fast because she was not brething right!
30.How big was the baby? 8lbs 2oz 20.5 inches
31.Did your husband cry? lol no he thought the c-section was SO COOL!
32.What did you name the baby? Jacquelyn
33.Does his name have any significant meaning? Nope we just really liked it!
34.Did you have any visitors? haha i dont think we really ever did not have visotors! .
35.Did the baby have any complications? yes she was in the NICU for 5 days with an infection but she was fine after some antibiotics! She pooped inside and swallowed some if it they think she got stick from that! She was a little overdone they think
36.How old is your baby today? almost 18 months
37.When is the next one coming? lol who knows!
38.If you could, would you do it all over again? without a doubt!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its been a long time, Jack. I must say this past year has been hard without you. I mean i DO have all 6 seasons on DVD, I did enjoy watching redemption, but I must say, i am glad your back for these next 5 months. My Monday nights will once again be spent watching you and I am glad :)!

Now i just have to make it untill 7!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay so here are a few of mine:

No Pop (or soda for those of you not from utah

No candy until my birthday! (this one just might kill me, but i am going to try it!)

Have family home evening weekly

Only eat out once a week

Okay there are a few what are some of yours?


I hope everyone had fun!!! We love you all!