Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I almost have an 18 month old!

WOW how time flies! I can not believe on Sunday Jackie will be 18 months old, it really seems like just yesterday she was a little baby who just wanted to be held, feed, and changed! here are some updates on Jackie!

  • She has 12 teeth
  • She knows more words then we can count
  • can speak in sentences
  • she can have little conversations with us
  • She loves to play ring around the rosies
  • she loves Hanndy Manny
  • She knows all the tools by name and will talk to us about them all the time
  • She will occasionally ask us to go to the bath room, i have been told by some i should not even try and she is too young to be potty trained but hey, if she is asking me to use the bathroom OF COURSE i am going to let her, the thought of not having to buy dipars or change them sounds good:)
  • She is a great eater! She loves salads and if i ever have one she will come up by me and eat it with me!
  • She thinks quesadilas should have tomatoes or salsa on them and if they do not she asks me for dip
  • She loves chips and salsa, she will even eat salsa by the spoon fulll
  • She loves peper on her food-i decided early on i did not want a kid who would not eat something because peper was on it-she always eats what we eat, and peper is on our food so its on hers.
  • She can say love you
  • she loves to call my mom on the video phone and always asks me to call grama
  • she learns names of people so fast!! she knows a lot of her Uncles and her aunt, and knows who her grandmas and grandpas are!
  • She also picks up names of kids and babies she is around
  • she loves to play
  • she loves to kiss dada and to not kiss me
  • she still loves her bottle, a habit that will be broken soon that i am not excited to break
  • She loves to say prayer. Nnow after story she says, "prayer" then folds her arms and says "evenly father" then bables for a minute and says "amen". She then unfolds her arms looks at us and relaizes we are still praying so folds her arms again and waits for us to say amen then she says it again!
Well there are some things she is doing now, I can not even express how much i love being Jackies mom!! My heart has grown so much since she has come into my life, its a love i do not even know how to express. But i love her with all my heart. I was once asked if i regrated not waiting longer to have her, my response is i would do it all over again with out even taking a breath. I would not change a thing. I love her so much, I love our life with her in it. She brings so much joy and laughter in to our home. She has such a sweet sprit that i know blesses us and our home. I love her little hugs, and when i can sneak a kiss from her, i love talking to her on the phone and hearing how excited she gets to hear from mom. I love when i come home from work and she just starts smiling and laughing.
I love how she is develpoing a personality that is all her own, and how much she is learning and growing.
Motherhood is amazing, and i am so thankfull for the trust the Lord has put in me to allow me to be a mother!


Danielle and the Boys said...

i can't believe all the stuff she is doing! such a smart girl! and what a sweet one your little jackie is! babies do bring so much joy into the home! matt and i lay in bed a lot at night just talking about all the cute things ethan did that day.

Cheri Garner said...

I love all the Jackie details. She is such a special little girl. What a sweet mother you are to record it all. It goes by so fast. She reminds me of another little girl I raised over 20 years ago named Jessica! What a cutie too!