Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What happens when you send your husband to the store?

SO we where out of milk for Jackie and toliet paper, and I needed some makeup. so i asked Derek to stop at the store to pick them up on his way home from hockey...............he came home with milk, toliet paper, my make up, Ice cream, chips-a-hoy, 6 pack of root beet, and Mt Dew and a hot wheel....lol i have learned that if you give a husband a chance in the store a lone he will go crazy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

job job job

I got a job!! well I got a few offers but finally one I wanted and paid well enough to take!!! I will be working where Derek worked this summer just a different dept. :)
So tomorrow i have to go in for a background and drug test and as long as I pass i should start on Monday!
anyway that being said we still need someone to watch Jackie its Mondays and Wednesdays Derek will have class from 9:30-10:45 and Tuesdays and Thursdays he as class 9-10:45 and 12-1:20 he class's get out early a lot too. so you can come here we can bring her to you just whatever you want! We cant afford to pay more then $2 an hour but if you watch her here you can eat what ever is in our fridge ;) anyway let me know if anyone could do this for us! even if you can only do it for a little bit or one or two days a week anything will help us! Just let me know!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

NO FASTFOOD, USC, Smart Jackie

So me and Derek have been talking about ways to save money and help us lose weight and the one decision we came to was NO FAST FOOD for a month!!! Now we love fast food and go out way to much so this is hard for us but i think it will be really good for us in the long run!! Lol anyway besides that in the Stell house hold things are going well! I got a job, well somewhat, its a job i can work tell i find something else its working in a call center but you get to work when ever you want you can pick your schedule weekly soo its a way to make some money tell i can find something better! So at least we wont run out of money lol.

On another note i can not believe USC got beat by a 1-2 team! but GO OREGON! lol i always cheer for the underdog (unless they are playing BYU)

My daughter is getting way to smart lol we read a book called bubbles bubbles, she loves it we read it nightly anyway we always point to words as we read the book, but the first page says. Bubbles bubbles on my nose bubbles bubbles on my toes. We have been trying to teach her where her nose is, anyway the last three nights when you ask her where is the nose she points to the word nose lol.
another thing she has started to fold her arms for prayer ( a short one ) and says aaaaaaaaam at the end lol its cute and i love her more then anything! I love being a mother I could not ask for anything better! She is starting to get an attitude and we have had to let her cry out a few tantrums! But i guess such is life i hope she learns young! lol

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ice Skating with Jackie ( SIX NEW POSTS READ ALL :))

We took Jackie ice skating today just to let her try it out she always wants to go out on the ice when we are there lol! she did not know what to think about the skates
or the ice lol
Oh well we knew it would not turn out well but wanted to try anyway!!! Okay blogging world you can no longer say i don't put pics up or update! i think that was six posts today!!!! so enjoying reading

Hockey and Jessica WHAT?!?!?!?

So after much convincing from many girls (really Julie ;)) and my husband i finally went and skated with the provo womens hockey team much to my surprise i had a lot of fun! I really was not any good but it was fun!
Hockey gear is sexy
Jackie watching her mama play
haha see i am not the best skater, but oh well! Anyway after talking it over with Derek i dont think i am going to join the team right now, its a lot of time and money i just dont think we can put into it, but i might play in rookie league and who knows maybe next season i will go play with them! Thanks Derek and Julie for getting me out there!

CAMPING with a one year old!

So the other day me and Derek were deciding what to do....and we decided we should just go camping!!! soo here are the pictures of our adventure lol they are in reverse order but you get the idea
Jackie had a lot of fun exploring the campsite in the morning! and playing with Daddys football
It was soooo pretty up the canyon right now! If you want to see leaves changing go up now its the best time to go!!
Jackie and her dad

Mom where am i and what are you making me do
We found a rock Derek had to climb it

Our little camp site
more football
She likes to say cheese for the camera

When we first got there
Derek setting up the tent haha me yes i was on this camping trip
She loves going exploring and always wanted to go off and see what she could find

anyway we had a lot of fun!! camping and Jackie did pretty good....night time was interesting we did not have a big enough tent fr her pack n play so she had to sleep with out a bed lol we made her one and she did pretty good she did not want to sleep though she was soo excited when we got into the ten that she was running and jumping all round and on us it was really funny so finally we had to ignore her and she finally fell asleep :)

My little cougar with my attempts at being crafty

So i know i wrote about making Jackie bows, but here are a few cute pictures! She really is such a darn cute baby! and i must say they are pretty cute bows!
She loves to come up and kiss the camera lol SO on Saturdays we wear blue because Bronco said cougars wear BLUE so i dont know why cougars show up in the games in white or any other colors cougars were blue! so if you go to a game I better see you in blue!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and she loves her my first BYU book we read it nightly and daily and every where we go lol

My brothers Wedding 8/2 Yeah i know BEHIND!!!!

So here are pic's of my bros wedding the lighting was HORRIBLE so not good pictures lol! Anyway it was a great wedding and we cant wait to go with them to the Temple next summer!!!

My cute baby and husband!

Family Reunion (oh yeah i am behind on putting pics up so here ya go!)

So I know i wrote about our family reunion trip but i never put any pictures up so here are just a few! IT was Jackie and my brothers birthday on July 25th (yes i gave him the best gift that year a niece!) so we had a cake for them!
Jackie Loved her presents i mean box :)
My cute little family at lest me Derek Jackie my dad and my bro and his wife! We had a lot of fun but you know that if you read that post!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am taking a poll, if you could get a video phone that you would be able to talk live with someone would you buy it its 29.99 a month. My family is getting into ACN ( a company that is endorsed by Donald Trump) http://www.acninc.com/acn/us/products/digital/index.jsp Go look at it. I am trying to help my fam see if there is interest or not

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to work

SO yes i must go back to work so i can get my hubby to finish school! Anyway if anyone knows of any good jobs out there let me know :) My quest continues.....
ALSO due to Dereks school schedule we are going to need some one to watch Jackie in the mornings for a few hours just 12 hours a week we can pay $2 an hour (sorry we are poor) anyway if anyone is interested in doing a HUGE favor for us let me know :) If not no worries too :)
Nothing else is really new just sending out resumes and going to interviews and getting as much Jackie time as i can!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My computer is no longer sick!

So i have once again rejoined the blogging world! After one week of having a sick computer and not being apart of the cyber world i am ready to rejoin lol its funny how much we use computers I mean i pay my bills online communicate with friends and family ect.

ANYWAY! school started so Derek headed back yesterday! luckily since he is doing an internship he does not have a ton of classes up on campus. He has been super busy getting everything done so we have decided that i am going to go back to work now i just have to find a job! So any ideas let me know!!! I am excited for it well as long as i can find a good job that makes me happy :)

Jackie is getting smarter every day....she knows now when i tell her bed time or diapar time to go to her room lol anytime she sees a phone she hands it to me and says dada sometimes she will really call him and talk to him for a while. She also has developed a baby crush! She loves our neighbor Patrick, she will go to his house and find his picture and point to him and say patrick or paapaa and then give him a kiss lol, then she will point to his wife in the picture and yell NO! its funny lol, she can say more words then we can count everyday its a new word! She is walking all the time now...she still likes to crawl but does both.... also on Sunday i wanted Jackie to wear something in her hair but she wont keep headbands in so i decided to make her some bows with some ribbon i had so her was the end result

i think they are cute lol i bought some cute ribbon and made a few :) She went up to campus yesterday so i could use a computer so we had to put her in blue and white!!! the pictures are not that good i took them with my cell phone but you get the idea! anyway not much else is new!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i know i know

its been forever and i am sorry i have had a very sick computer that is just know healthy again! but i must put my baby to bed so i promise tommorow i will blog :)