Thursday, September 25, 2008

NO FASTFOOD, USC, Smart Jackie

So me and Derek have been talking about ways to save money and help us lose weight and the one decision we came to was NO FAST FOOD for a month!!! Now we love fast food and go out way to much so this is hard for us but i think it will be really good for us in the long run!! Lol anyway besides that in the Stell house hold things are going well! I got a job, well somewhat, its a job i can work tell i find something else its working in a call center but you get to work when ever you want you can pick your schedule weekly soo its a way to make some money tell i can find something better! So at least we wont run out of money lol.

On another note i can not believe USC got beat by a 1-2 team! but GO OREGON! lol i always cheer for the underdog (unless they are playing BYU)

My daughter is getting way to smart lol we read a book called bubbles bubbles, she loves it we read it nightly anyway we always point to words as we read the book, but the first page says. Bubbles bubbles on my nose bubbles bubbles on my toes. We have been trying to teach her where her nose is, anyway the last three nights when you ask her where is the nose she points to the word nose lol.
another thing she has started to fold her arms for prayer ( a short one ) and says aaaaaaaaam at the end lol its cute and i love her more then anything! I love being a mother I could not ask for anything better! She is starting to get an attitude and we have had to let her cry out a few tantrums! But i guess such is life i hope she learns young! lol


The Petterssons said...

Jackie is darling!! Shawn and I rarely eat out and it is so nice not to spend that money on unhealthy food. It's much harder on me since I have to make a menu for lunch and dinner each week!

Danielle and the Boys said...

of course oregon won! ;) i love you and thanks for the phone call was fun catching up!