Monday, March 29, 2010


Well we made it! We did our first 5k!!!
here we are before the race 
It was VERY cold and we were running on a few hours of sleep! 
But we had a lot of fun felt good about our self's for actually doing it!
I pushed Abigail which i think slowed me down a bit as well as a huge hill i had to push her up
but i ran to the half way point which was my goal!! :)  After that i ran/walked the rest
Derek was amazing and did it in 29:07! He is almost to his goal of under 25 for the 5k we are doing in April! 
Here is our happy little family the end of the race

Thursday, March 25, 2010

well i guess its time

So in order to lose weight and get in shape we decided to start running.  I am pretty happy that it seems to be working great!   In order to keep us running we decided to sign up for 2 5k's to help motivate us. Well the first one is Saturday.  It should prove to be interesting.  Derek is more ready then I am.  He has ran 3.2 miles in preparation, haha we will see what happens wish us luck! OH and if you want to come run with us come on

Its a good cause all proceeds are going to Primary Children's now 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My girls are getting big!

Derek and I have been talking about how big both of our girls are getting
we were at Target the other day ( I soo found a gift card i forgot i had WONDERFUL!) 
(and Derek got me New Moon even MORE wonderful!)
Abby decided she did not want to sit in her car i put her in the cart WOW that just 
seems big to me! 

I think she liked it what do you think??  Jackie thought it was cool abby was in the car
She did want Abby to sit on the bench next to her, maybe in a few months
I can only handle so much growing up!

Most nights i put Abby to sleep while Jackie watches a show to calm the her down
then i go have some snuggle time with Jackie we read a story and talk about her day, what she is going
to do tomorrow. (this girl makes some big lists!)
Monday night she told me Abigail wanted to come snuggle with her
They had fun and Jackie loved snuggling up to her little sis
But Abby was ready to eat and fussed a bit Jackie told me no specail boop food
she would make Abby happy
Problem solved Jackie shared her water.....this at least got us through story time and what 
Jackie did today and will do tomorrow time

I love these little girls so much! Its amazing to me how much joy children can bring into your life
I love coming home from work and watching their faces light up :) 
At least they have fun with their daddy while i am here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some day

Some day I will get sleep
It WILL happen again
I must remind my self jackie was 1 when she slept through the night
 I must remember Abby is teething (i think) 
I must remember teething babies don't sleep too well
I will survive not sleeping 
I will learn to sleep with a little one kicking me all night
I will make it through work on little to no sleep
I will make it with out a nap
Someday I will get sleep
Some day i will figure out who came up with the term sleeping like a baby and ask REALLY?!?!
Here is hoping Abby will start sleeping through the night soon 
I love nightly snuggles,
But i think i need sleep more now

Monday, March 22, 2010

some super tasty tacos

So i found a recipe for crispy tacos looked wonderful but of course i changed it up a bit because i never can follow a recipe :) haha any way i dont remember where i got it but they were amazing tasty EASY tacos :) you should try them

2 lbs chicken ( i used thigh meat it was on sale)
1 onion diced
2 cloves garlic cut up
i added some cayenne pepper, salt, and regular pepper 
put in crock pot for 8+ hours (you just want it to shred up)

once its done drain chicken and add 2 cups Mexican blend cheese
1 tesp cumin
1 tbs salt
then add once cup chopped cilantro

grab some corn tortillas and warm them up (i just throw them in the microwave, but sometimes you gott use some oil and the stove)

put chicken mixture in and fry up (about 2 min a side) mmmm tasty and oh so unhealthy :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jackie and Brutus

This is one of the families from our NM ward.  The mom was the YW pres so we went over there a lot.  Jackie LOVED their dog Brutus.  I must admit he is one of the coolest dogs i have ever meet! We had dinner with them Sunday before we left....the girls wanted to make sure Jackie got a picture of Brutus before we left :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

coupons coupons coupons

dear friends who out there is good at coupons??  I want to learn how to be good at it so i can save some money!!  any tips? idea? anything?  I will love you forever if you help me out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

half a year down for Abby!!

My dearest Abigail,

Today you turn 6 months that's a half of a year!! I can not believe you have been in our lives that long it seems like it has flown by! During your little life you have had a lot happen! We moved right before you were born to New Mexico.  After about 5 months we decided that it was not what we wanted for our little family so we moved you back! You will always be our little New Mexico baby!

At 6 months like to
  • Sit all by your self--until you see something out of reach then you tend to lung and fall...but you usually are happy that you got what you wanted
  • drink from a sippy cup! Mommy is happy about this one, you dont like bottles so i was worried how you would eat when i went back to work and the sippy was the answer :) 
  • eat and like baby food- you love to do what everyone else is doing! so we have been putting you in the booster seat and feeding you with my dear are in heaven with this arrangement and smile and laugh the whole time
  • sleep in your own bed! YAY!! mommy LOVES this one! you have not wanted to sleep in your own bed until we came to Utah.  You have your own room now and sleep in YOUR bed not mine :) 
  • "talk" you seem to have a lot to say i am looking forward to figuring out what it is
  • play with all sorts of papers or bags you should not play with...but hey if we are there we will let you! :) 
  • watch your big sister Jackie.  You are fascinated with everything she does. You love to watch her in all her Jackieness! She makes you laugh!
  • be tickeled! its fun :)
  • stand love when people will hold you up so you can stand
  • see what is going on! You hate to sleep or eat when we are doing something or there is anything going on.  You just want to look and play 
  • look and smile at me when i get home from work...when i nurse you when i get home you eat look up smile eat look up smile its really cute and nice to know that you missed me! 
You do NOT like
  • bottles
  • sleeping when we are out
  • sleeping through the like to play with mom 
  • being taken out of the bath
  • rice cereal
  • LONG car rides (you did not care for the drive from NM to UT)
  • Snuggling you love to play! (although at night i can usually get a few!) 

Abigail I love you! I am so glad you are in our lives! You make everyday more fun and exciting.  Cant wait to watch you grow but i am enjoying the few snuggles  you will give and holding you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jackie loves the track!

in our attempts to get back in running before we do a 5k the end of this month we have decided to run over at the field house when i get off work to try and help us get back in the groove! Jackie has always loved going to the field house at BYU and playing in the middle section or with the basketballs ect.  Last week we headed over there for a run and little Jackie was SO excited she could not contain her self she HAD to run on the track with us! lol so she did a lap or 2.  It was pretty darn cute she now keeps talking about her exersizes and doing exersies! We went back last night for FHE and she did 3 laps! thats over .5 miles! lol she wanted to do more too haha.  She also loves to come do push ups and sit ups with us.  She is my silly girl who just wants to be a grown up and do what ever mommy and daddy do. 

She still talks about kissing boys in the temple
sometimes she will even tell me what boy she wants to kiss lol

she wants to be a hockey player and have daddy watch her play...she wont let me forget she needs some Jackie ice skates

She is always helping me clean she has her "own" broom and vacuum

she named her baby doll Kari...we are still trying to figure out where she got that name from, but its a bit more  creative then her last doll named dolly ;) but she likes to take care of her like I take care of Abby

She talks about getting big and going to work oh how fast they grow up :) 

I love this little girl to death! she is so cute and always cracking us up with the new things she is coming up with! She is sure a smart little one!  I love coming home from work and getting a huge hug and having her tell me about her day! I try to take time every night to snuggle with her in bed and have her tell me all about her day :) she is a talker and will go on it makes my day!

updated Did ya know?

Today on the phone someone asked me if I work in India the then proceeded to tell me i needed to learn English better and I had a terrible accent.....hmmmm last i checked I sounds pretty dang white lol 

lol the funny part was they had a serious accent and were hard to understand :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

attempting to meet the demands of Danielle

one of my friends demanded i put some pics up of my girls me and our place so here ya go Danielle
abby in her room

The crib and abby playing around

my book case turned dresser Abby needs curtians and her name on the wall but those are too come oneday :) I am amazed at how well she sleeps when i rock her in here it works wonders!!

This is Jackies room its kinda nice havinng them in their own rooms...
My parents gave her one of us kids old desks she loves it!
Her princess tent has to be out her room here is the smallest she has ever had so it dosent fit so well but she still loves it! her Dolly names Dolly sleeps in it every night
she asked me for a picutre of the temple to put on her wall that was all i had handy i need to find her something more
When Jackie found out she would have her own bathroom she told me she wanted a frogy bathroom this is what we found at target
These are my favorites
She told me i could not forget the sink
Our front parents bought a flat screen and gave us their old big screen:)
dinning room part of our kitchen i need to get barstools
the rest of the kitchen well minus the fridge and pantry bbut they are there promise :)

haha there you go thats our place minus our room i did not feel like making the bed :) Hope these 3 posts get me off Danielles demands list!!

Last day in NM

our last day in NM we went to the bouning place for play group! it was fun for Jackie to say good by to everone!
here are all the babies who were born around the same time! abby is in the back playing

jump jump jump

she LOVES this place! I need to find one here like it

us moms even had fun! this was a obstacal course race 3 of us did it it was fun! we might have triped over a few kids on the way

ashley won

Abby just hung out and had fun

                                                      a few of the kids having a treat

Saying good bye to friends this is Sophie they had a lot of fun together!
more gooodbyes

haha marie was not interested in hugs lol

We had a lot of fun with our ward out there and Jackie sure made a lot of friends who we will sure miss!! It was nice to spend the last day hanging out with everyone! Now we just hope we will see them when the come to Utah! :)

apparently i have not uploaded pictures since before christmas

okay soo i dont get along with the new upload way so i hope you can figure them out...girls in christmas dresses Jackies tent from santa...jackie cooking cookies....dereks birthday cake, us enjoyinng hte warm weather in NM Jackie feeding the ducks at the zoo, derek being king of the zoo, Jackie playing at the park :) there now i have some pictures up! :D