Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last day in NM

our last day in NM we went to the bouning place for play group! it was fun for Jackie to say good by to everone!
here are all the babies who were born around the same time! abby is in the back playing

jump jump jump

she LOVES this place! I need to find one here like it

us moms even had fun! this was a obstacal course race 3 of us did it it was fun! we might have triped over a few kids on the way

ashley won

Abby just hung out and had fun

                                                      a few of the kids having a treat

Saying good bye to friends this is Sophie they had a lot of fun together!
more gooodbyes

haha marie was not interested in hugs lol

We had a lot of fun with our ward out there and Jackie sure made a lot of friends who we will sure miss!! It was nice to spend the last day hanging out with everyone! Now we just hope we will see them when the come to Utah! :)


that's what she said...

looks like you had some great friends there in NM-but of course-you're only like the sweetest girl ever! :)

Sam said...

Welcome back to Utah! :) There is a place in Lindon called Kangaroo Zoo that has all the blow ups. It's pretty cheap and there are always coupons in those calendars and online for free admission!

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

jump on it