Monday, March 29, 2010


Well we made it! We did our first 5k!!!
here we are before the race 
It was VERY cold and we were running on a few hours of sleep! 
But we had a lot of fun felt good about our self's for actually doing it!
I pushed Abigail which i think slowed me down a bit as well as a huge hill i had to push her up
but i ran to the half way point which was my goal!! :)  After that i ran/walked the rest
Derek was amazing and did it in 29:07! He is almost to his goal of under 25 for the 5k we are doing in April! 
Here is our happy little family the end of the race


Celia said...

That is awesome!

Stephanie said...

Way to go!

Cait said...

That is awesome. I had a goal of doing one in May, but now that we are leaving I kind of stopped training. I'm not a very good runner but I want to get better. We should run together sometime before I leave if you have time with working and everything.