Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some day

Some day I will get sleep
It WILL happen again
I must remind my self jackie was 1 when she slept through the night
 I must remember Abby is teething (i think) 
I must remember teething babies don't sleep too well
I will survive not sleeping 
I will learn to sleep with a little one kicking me all night
I will make it through work on little to no sleep
I will make it with out a nap
Someday I will get sleep
Some day i will figure out who came up with the term sleeping like a baby and ask REALLY?!?!
Here is hoping Abby will start sleeping through the night soon 
I love nightly snuggles,
But i think i need sleep more now


Julie said...

I'm going on 3+ years without sleep. Tyler still doesn't really and Chase is teething... I would have loved a little tiny break between the two... I'm thinking I may be a grama before it happens

Cait said...