Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blogging slacker

YES! I am a slacker SO much has happened and I do not blog about it. :( I am going to do  a quick update!

1. We are MOVED YAY! We are loving our new place! It is nice and have a lot more space, AND I got my dishwasher back. :) We are pretty much unpacked just need to get pictures up! The girls love that we have stairs and climb up and down them all day long.
2. While coming home from cleaning our old place i was hit on the freeway. Not my fault and lots of cosmetic damage but everyone was okay.
3. I was offered full time at my job at steal network! YAY! We wanted that to happen and took a leap of faith moving without it, but it sure all worked out!
4. My full time job does require me to work Sundays here and there. I am feeling okay about it though. The fact I get to be with my girls more helps make it okay to me. :)
5. We did date nights with the girls last night. They both LOVED them! Derek took Jackie to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and I took Abby to Chillies. :) It was nice to spend some alone time. Next month we plan on switching it up! :)

Well that is about it. Simple and short! :)