Saturday, January 30, 2010

check it out

Check out Dereks will feature some of his columns from the Alamogordo Daily News.....the link is you should follow it

Friday, January 29, 2010

random updates

  • Abigail is no longer showing any signs of teething...drooling seems to have stoped as well as fussiness and biting everything, and swollen who knows whats up there kinda glad she is not going to follow Jackie and get teeth at 4 months but going through that i kinda wanted something to show for it
  • We went ice skating up in cloudcroft
  • we all got some sort of bug i think it was food possining but you can not be too sure
  • I think i will keep the girls and me in today and tomorrow just to make sure
  • I got to go to girls night :) it was nice to get out and not worry about my kiddos
  • I started working at Hastings (like barnes and nobel) yeah my degree is doing wonders out here :)
  • While i was dying yesturday my Abigail was wonderful she is SUCH a sweet baby i feel pretty lucky, she let me just lay her there and ignor her
  • I am trying to decide if i want to kick Abby out of our bed...I am getting a bit sick of having her in there all the time since she will always cuddle up right next to me as cute as it is it makes it hard to sleep :) thoughts?  how do you get them out of your bed?
  • I wish Abby slept through the night or at least did more then a 3 hour streach....I miss my sleep!!  :)
  • it snowed again out here seriously i dont get what is up with all the snow out here we were told it never snows!
  • Abby as a smile she saves just for daddy
  • Jackie keeps growing up and is no longer my little baby she is getting to be such a big kid!
  • Jackie asks me daily to go to grandpas house it makes me sad that we cant go there
  • I have not done my dishes since Tuesday (yeah they are pretty backed up)
  • i am making a new Moby wrap
  • I have way to many shoes
  • i really like really you should try it if you have not yet :) i was a doubter at first but now i am a beliver!
  • i watch secret life of the american teenager (phew i feel better getting that off my chest!) as well as make it or break it and Greek
  • I love my family more then anything and feel so blessed to have them in my life!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

the pregnancy pact

yes i must admit i watched a life time movie...but i could not help it, it looked interesting i watched the pregnancy pact. That movie was interesting to me and i remember hearing about it when it happened. do you? you can read here about it. Anyway brought up a hot topic for me and Derek....what should be taught at schools sex ed and contraception or just abstinence....dear blogging world i want to know what you think! You might ask what do I think. I am on the side of teaching contraception….i know a lot of people jump at this but really kids are dumb some kids are not going to use abstinence and well need to know how to do something’s to protect them self’s!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 month stats

Miss Abigail had her 4 month check up...Jackie was SO excited to come to the doc and watch lol she is silly
any way Abby is 15lbs which is the 75% and 24 3/4 inches long which is 60% they did not write down her head but said it was in the 75% too...she is our little chuncker! i love her bunches!

Monday, January 18, 2010

NHL/24 crossover

i know a few people out there will laugh at this go look its sooo funny! haha

Your gonna Miss this

Sometimes i find my self thinking, man i can not wait for Abigail to get older, i cant wait for her to sleep through the night, to not need me for all her food needs, to be able to play with Jackie. I can not wait for Jackie to be 100% potty trained to not wine any more to start school. i cant wait until we have a bit more money, i cant wait until......

While holding Abby this morning and feeding her she was being somewhat fussy due to teething i think, i remembered a song by Trace Adkins Your gonna miss this Have you heard it? its a great song look it up on itunes. I had a change in my perception. My girls are not going to be little for long, i wont be able to hold my sweet Abigail and feed her for much longer i am gonna miss it! Jackie wont come running to me for every hurt finger and ask me to kiss it better i am gonna miss it! Jackie wont think we are the center of her universe for ever. Jackie wont want me to read her book after book, she wont want me to have dance parties with her  Abigail wont let me hold her for hours. I know i am gonna miss it! thats one reason we had Abigail i missed Jackie being that way!

Life is short, every stage comes and goes. They have their high points and their low points.....i need to learn from each stage and appreciate each stage. Love each stage for what it is and enjoy each stage!

I love my kiddos the smiles on their faces can take a dark day and turn it around.

I am just going to remember next time my laundry is pilled high i have dishes in the sink and Jackie and Abby just want my attention, that i am gonna miss this i am going to want them back i am going to wish they had not gone by so fast.

You can read the lyrics here

Sunday, January 17, 2010

my snuggle bear is 4 months!!!


Today you are 4 months old! Mommy can not beleive how big you have gotten and how much you have changed! You loved being in Utah and getting a lot of attention, but I think you are happy to be back at home.

You can roll over. From tummy to back. You hate tummy time so you figured out how to end it. You look so surpirsed everytime you roll over it makes mommy laugh.

You love to play. You love your play mat you will play there for hours just hitting the toys and grabbing them and watching your sun sing to you. Jackie always comes to play with you when you are there maybe that helps too. Your car seat has a play bar in it and you always are playing with it. It makes taking you out in it better you can keep busy!

You always want to be entertanined. You are not one for a dull moment. You want something to play with or someone to be talking to you all the time! You hate it when mommy does not pay attention to you while your nursing. You dont like mommy to read. I think you know that is our specail time and you want it all your self! :)

You talk to us all the time. We dont know what yyou are saying yet, but you sure have a lot to say! You can tell when yyou are excited or angry by the way you talk its really cute!

Mommy thinks you are teething. You have started to chomp on everything and anything and drool like crazy and well are a bit crankier you cry in pain and just touch and pull at your face. I hope we see some teeth soon, i hate seeing you in pain :(

You LOVE to snuggle when you sleep you want to be right next to mommy. we are talking right next holding on to mommy. I think its cute, but sometimes i just want my space, so you start out the night in your bed, and hten i bring you in when you wake up and just fall asleep so you never make it back to your bed i think you like it that way

You really like to stand up you always want to stand and talk to everyone!

Mommy is pretty excited to start you on some rice ceral! i think you will love it but we shall see!

I love you snuggly bear, you have changed my life! After Jackie i did not know how my heart could open that much up again, but it has i love you so much! You are my sweet Abigail mmommy loves you and cant wait to see you grow!


Friday, January 15, 2010

our cute little fam

we had pictures done with Dereks fam by my friend Shelli! I would link you to her blog but its private.
Here is one of just our fam I will put up more when i get some of everyone

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random thoughts by jess

My mind seems to be racing lately so many thoughts running through my head so i figure i will blog about some of them :) helps me sort through life....

credit cards....they are of the devil i hate that we have some I keep running through ways to pay them off and how we can do it quickly....i am looking forward to our tax return to pay off one of them and then use that payment to pay on another hopefully it will help us speed it up somewhat

tax return...i love doing my taxes :) i now nerd but i love it. I always do them we always get a lot of money back having kids and always being students makes for a good return....hoping this year wont disappoint either! :)

sleep....i think about this one a lot i dont get a ton. While Abby sleeps A MILLION times better than Jackie she is still up 3-4 times a night and i cant get her to sleep in her bed she refuses well refuses by waking up a million times compared to 3-4 so i take what i can get....any ideas out there to get her sleeping better and in her own bed...i know she is just 3.5 months old but still i am missing some good ol sleep :)

Jackie....I love that girl a million times over she always knows how to bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. She is so smart sweet and the last month or so we have seen some terrible twos surfacing but she is learning it does not fly and seems to be getting better :). She is still our amazing good eater, we have found as long as we make foods sound exciting and are happy to eat them she will be supper excited too! :)

Abigail....ahh my wonderful little bundle of joy. I love babies there is something so sweet about their spirits. She is a little sweetie, so good and happy (most the time ;)) she loves to be right next to mommy at all times she is my little sidekick and I am so in love! I think she is teething though.....lots of drool, slight fever, worse sleeping habits, biting everything, did i mention drool???? so we shall see when and if one pops out soon!

work....i gotta accept the fact i need to get a job, we need more income to pay off credit cards and our car and student loans. so off to look for a morning job. In all honesty the concept sounds nice i love working always have. I love the satisfaction i get from being a great employee

books...i love to read reading is such an escape for me. I need to do more of it! any good book suggestions out there??? me and Jackie are going to make a library trip soon! :)

Derek.....I love my husband. He is my everything. I love his commitment to the gospel, the time he spends going out with the missionaries. I love watching him play with our girls.....he truly is an amazing father who loves them so much. I love his commitment to our family and to me. He makes me want to be a better person, I am so glad i get him forever!

New Mexico....i am doing my best to like it here. I love the people the are truly wonderful people....i am however struggling to like new mexico its self its proximity to everyone we know. ahh i am trying though i promise! I do love our apartment here....its SO BIG and so cheep! i love it

Water....i miss utah water sad i know...but i HATE having to buy me though you dont drink the tap water here no one does and we learned why its GROSS yuck i love cooking :) someday i want a HUGE kitchen to cook in! I want the money to buy tons of crazy foods to make and to come up with new recipes! i love being in the kitchen! :) did anyone else watch it today and see the couch?? GROSS GROSS and more GROSS

Monday, January 4, 2010

Crock Pot whats your fav?

Okay people what is your fav crock pot recipe??
here is mine!

cream cheese chicken

6 pieces of chicken

1 block cream cheese

1 can cream of chicken

1/2 cup of milk... See More

1 packet dry italin dressing mix

put all together cook low 6 hours serve over rice
Just looking for some easy quick meals to make life easy :) and well i love love love crock pot meals soo tasty!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

we are back

well we are back as for an update with no pictures here ya go!

We had a blast in Utah it was so nice to see family and friends and get to show off Abby.  I feel like we went 100 miles an hour the whole time we were there but it was SO nice to get visits in and have fun! 

Christmas was a great! It was so neat to see Jackie get so excited about everything Christmas! She loved it all and I loved watching her!  She loved giving and opening presents on Christmas morning and has LOVED playing with them since she came home!!

The drive back was long way to long with 2 kids! We made it in 2 days on the way up to Utah and I dont think i will ever do it in 1 day again.  Abigail just could not stand it...Jackie was fine it was just too long for Abby but i think i would feel the same if i was in a car seat for 13+ hours!! 

Its been nice to be back home!  getting back in to a routine and being in our own place.  Jackie is going to the bathroom in the potty almost as good as when we left so i am happy about that! 
Oh and Abby stoped that screaming while eating thing a week or so ago.....I dont know what was up but she seems past it.....I do think she is teething though.....she is drooling and cranky and chewing on EVERYTHING! but who knows its kinda early so we will just wait and see.

Anyway thats pretty much all that is going on here!  hope everyone had a great break and is doing well!!