Monday, January 18, 2010

Your gonna Miss this

Sometimes i find my self thinking, man i can not wait for Abigail to get older, i cant wait for her to sleep through the night, to not need me for all her food needs, to be able to play with Jackie. I can not wait for Jackie to be 100% potty trained to not wine any more to start school. i cant wait until we have a bit more money, i cant wait until......

While holding Abby this morning and feeding her she was being somewhat fussy due to teething i think, i remembered a song by Trace Adkins Your gonna miss this Have you heard it? its a great song look it up on itunes. I had a change in my perception. My girls are not going to be little for long, i wont be able to hold my sweet Abigail and feed her for much longer i am gonna miss it! Jackie wont come running to me for every hurt finger and ask me to kiss it better i am gonna miss it! Jackie wont think we are the center of her universe for ever. Jackie wont want me to read her book after book, she wont want me to have dance parties with her  Abigail wont let me hold her for hours. I know i am gonna miss it! thats one reason we had Abigail i missed Jackie being that way!

Life is short, every stage comes and goes. They have their high points and their low points.....i need to learn from each stage and appreciate each stage. Love each stage for what it is and enjoy each stage!

I love my kiddos the smiles on their faces can take a dark day and turn it around.

I am just going to remember next time my laundry is pilled high i have dishes in the sink and Jackie and Abby just want my attention, that i am gonna miss this i am going to want them back i am going to wish they had not gone by so fast.

You can read the lyrics here


Stephanie said...

I love this post. . . and the song. I agree with you. Someday we'll be demanding attention from them, and so we need to enjoy it while the roles are reversed.

Britta said...

I agree, thanks for the post! By the way, your family picture you posted a few posts ago is SO cute!