Monday, March 31, 2008

new couch!

this is our new couch! i got sick of our old one that was given to me by my parents and is like 20 years old! So we went out and bought this one hard to see everything in this pic, and i will put up other ones as soon as we get our couch on Thursday when its delivered to our door!!!!

ABC's of my thankfullness

Jenn tagged me then remained me i need to answer her tag so Jenn this is for you! LOVE you ps i think you should make my blog look super cute like yours does!

a all the kisses i get from Jackie!

b Brothers I have 11 of them and i love them all they are soo great!

c new COUCH! we just bought a new couch and i am soo excited!

d Derek he really is the best thing in my life and i am so grateful for him!

e eggs i love eggs they are soo good and go in soo much food!

f Food, I love to eat but more then that i love to cook i think its one of the most fun things to do! I love even more how much people love my cooking! any one wanna come over for dinner?

g good friends! we all need someone to talk to, someone to go to when we need to vent i am so thankful for all my friends out there!!!

h Home, well apartment, but i love our place its so fun to make it out own!

i ice cream nothing is better then some chocolate ice cream on a bad day!

j Jacquelyn Stell i love my daughter more then anything she has changed my life in so many ways and i love every bit of it and ever bit of her!

k Kisses!

l Loves i love getting, hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles and i love yous from my husband!

m Mothers i am lucky enough to have a mom and a step mom who both love me dearly, and i love them they have been such an example in my life and i love them for it!

n NAPS not for me but for Jackie her nap times are something i look forward to, so i can get everything i need done and get some time with Derek, and well it makes her such a happier baby!

o olive oil! its soo good for you and its good

p Priesthood i am soo grateful my husband has the priesthood and can give me and Jackie blessings when we need them! Thanks babe for honoring your priesthood i love you!

q quiet i never knew how much i enjoyed the quiet until i had Jackie now i love it when its quiet in my house and i can just sit back and relax with a good book!

r Reading books i don't get to read as much as i like but nothing beats cuddling up in bed or on the couch to read a book

s Snow i hate the cold it brings but its so pretty

t texting i know i know LAME one but i love texting my husband when i am at work my neighbor all the time and my mom!

u underwear can you think of how weird it would be not to have underwear! man i sure am glad we have it!

v vents wow i mean heater, AC, and more :)

w water! we would be dead without it!

x x-rays so doc's can tell if something is broken and see whats going on inside of us

y yoga never done it but my friend says its great!

z ZOOS lol it starts with a z

Saturday, March 29, 2008


What's his name? Derek Lindsey Stell
How long have you been married? two years 6 months and some odd days
How long did you date? haha 3 months
How old is he? 25
Who eats more? Him
Who said, "I love you," first? oh he did he told me he had a secert for me then wispered i love you it was also my birtday
Who is taller? Oh Derek for sure! he is 6 "3" and i am 5 "3"
Who sings better? lol him, but i dont think SImon would think eaither of us is good
Who is smarter? lol the never ending debate when it comes to every day trivial knowldge Derek but i have a degree so i win
Who's temper is worse? lol derek he says i do not have a temper
Who does the laundry? me, me, me he helps sometimes
Who does the dishes? I load he unloads
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are looking at it, I do... but if you are laying in it, he does. lol we had to switch sides when we moved our bed so i could see the TV i can not see over him but he can see over me
Who pays the bills? me derek has no idea what any bills are
Who mows the lawn? no lawn yet but derek when he get it
.Who cooks dinner?lol me again Derek does not really know how and i LOVE to cook
Who drives when you are together? Derek
Who is more stubborn? Derek
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? lol me i do it to avoid an agruement
Whose parents do you see the most? We see them about the same we go one sunday to mine and one sunday to his great 2 hour round trip drives on sunday
!Who has more friends? lol me
Who has more siblings? my parents are divorces and remarried so i have a million siblins 13 to be exact
.Who wears the pants in the family? well derek but he asks to put them on


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kiss me i'm American

Jackie on st patys day her shirt says kiss me i'm american!
First time bowling she was taking moms place since mom has a defective wrist

I just dont think i put enough pic's of Jackie up here so i thought a few more of recent would not hurt.....i should go to sleep so i can get up and go to a job i am really sick of and work for people i just dont feel like working for but hey thats how most jobs are so i will get up and go through the tructurys (yeah no way i could ever spell that word) of work again!

TOday is a good day now though i got Lost to watch! we have netflix and yesturday i made the mistake of getting the wrong season and yeah lets just leave it there it was a sad day but now i can watch season 2 disc 4 not season 3 ...okay still waiting for

pics to up load sweet they are here !!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daddy and Jackie's new game

So Derek loves to stick handle in the house and Jackie LOVES to watch him since she has been able to crawl she will crawl up and try and steal the ball from him.....they both love it!! she got a little more intersted in the camera then the game while i was filming it lol

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sun shinny days.....stuck at work :(

The sun is shining the birds are chirping i am in short sleeves and caparies what a wonderfully warm day to go frolicking in the sun...................WAIT I AM STUCK IN MY CUBICAL AT WORK looking at the gray walls and computer screen for 7 hours, what a waste of an evening.....i guess the pay check, being able to pay bills and rent and food is a good reason to do it , but still i would rather be home going on a walk with Derek and Jackie but oh well!! I will stay and work and make money to live :)

Any way i love this warm weather and i think this is perfect i think it should always stay this temp no warmer no colder jsut this its perfect!!! now i have a headake which i have been getting a headake/migrane daily for about two weeks now i should go to the doctor, but i hate doctors and have always had headakes daily just never to this intensity...i supose i will just continute to hide out in my room with the curtins drawn adn lights out tell they stop or i get up the courage to go to the doc

Monday, March 17, 2008

getting married...having kids...changing friends

You know one thing that bugs me...when you get married single friends do not want to be your friends anymore beacuse your married and different! I mean what is with that!!!! if your friends you should be friends even if you make a change in your life! A change like that is one where you want your friends to still be there for you!!! This brings me to my second point! When you have a kid you lose friends too because your married friends without kids do what your single friedns do! grrrrrr grrrr grrrr this is another BIG TIME in your life when you need your friends to be there but some of them just are not! okay end of my rant :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moment of silence.............for Jack

So i am sad to report that 24 will not be on in 2008! It will not be back untill 2009 this is a tragedy....what will i do without Jack to save the world!! I really do not know how i will make it untill 2009 lets all take a moment of silence for jack

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunny days for the Stells

So it was a warm day here in good ol Provo Utah! I decided it was too warm to waste the day inside with the TV on! I talked with Derek and told him we should take Jackie on a walk to the duck pond! So we took her down to the duck pond where we feed the ducks (Jackie ate the bread instead of feeding the ducks) and chased them around trying to teach Jackie about ducks...... After our walk i still did not want to go home so we went to burger king to grab a quick cheep bite to eat Jackie had fun eating fries and lettuce and trying to drink water out of my straw!!! To keep up our productive day when we got home from BK we got our swim suits on and went to the Provo rec center where Jackie went swimming for the first time! I think she just thought it was a big bath tub! But Mommy and Daddy got to play too! She loved every minute of it!! She would kick her little legs and try and eat the water! She played for about 45 minutes before we realized she was cold and that we should get her out and in some warm clothes so we took her out (much to her dismay!) and decided to go get some ice cream! So off to cold stone we went! Jackie enjoyed the few bites we gave her and had fun being out of the house! When we were leaving we decided we should go look around Shopko because have not been there in a while so after an hour there we finally made our trek home and we are now watching balls of fury, and here i am writing on here!

Dont leave cheerios by Jackie

So Sunday i learned an important lesson. I learned if you leave a box of cheerios sitting on the floor and a bowl Jackie will try and make her own cearal. As you can tell by the picture she got very few in the bowl but managed to get a lot on the ground! lol she sure loves her cheerios!! She is soo funny we love her to death!! She loves to play and get into everything!! But thats what babies do!

Friday, March 7, 2008

we got a biter!!

So today Derek was watching Jackie and she crawled up and bit his toe! He said it HURT! Lol i thought i would let you know i mean what else are blogs for?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a lot of stuff can we say RANDOM!!

SO i am at work and i know i need to update my blog but i can not think i a certian thing to write about so i am just going to start typing and see where this blog and keyboard take me!

We have been doign great latley not much is new except Jackie is getting teeth which brings with it a whole lot of fun for her parents! She is pretty good and only gets fussy in the evenings but we are excited for her to get some teeth and for her to continue to get big!! Oh yeah she has started to pose for the camera (well has been for a while now)! haha she knows when we are taking her pictures and she also knows when you are making a video of her too lol! she is so smart!

This is her at church she has decided that church is not fun unless we hang out with the other moms and babies in the mothers lounge! She is so funny she really knows what is going on and gets mad unless we are in there! But she is sooo cute we let her get a way with it for now!

So i am at work and my friend Caitlin (who is soo sweet she watched Jackie for us last friday so we could go out!!! THANKS CAITLIN!!) is orginizing a march against domestic violence! its amazing to me how much stuff actually goes on here in Utah! There is a petition you all should go sign i did it now its your turn! go to if you sign the petition the united nations will donate $1 for every one who signgs it! This petition is part of a international campaign combating violence against women! SO all you go and sign it!!!

here are some facts about violence against women

1 in 8 in utah will be rapped! Utah has a rape rate that is higher then the national average

1 in 3 women will fall victim to sexual violence sometime in there life

91.4% of rapes happen by someone the victiam knows!

just some things i thought were interesting!!!!

Also i have decided that i need a vacation! Time away from work!! just time for me derek and Jackie to be together and not have to worry about anything else! oh well! summer is approaching guess we can go play then!!!!!