Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jackie's ER trip

Last night Jackie was out racing with all the little kids in our neighborhood.  One little boy had a bike and ran into her. She fell straight on the back of her head.  When i went to pick her up i saw a few drops of blood.  I tried to find the location as I kept seeing more blood.  I looked at the back of her head under her red stained hair and found a gash that was just a tab over 1/2 inch long.  We took her inside tried to get her cleaned up and decided to be safe we should just take her in.  Granted this all happened at 8:55 5 minutes before insta care closed grrrr but the nice doc there looked at her head and said he would recommend staples and to take her to the ER.  So we went and the nurses were very sweet to Jackie, she was super excited when they told her her hospital bracelet was going to match her fingernails.  (oh yes she is that girly!) She really did not seem to care at this point, was just enjoying the attention. 

She really dug the "moving bed"
Ever since i had Abby she has been asking to go in one and seeing Andy in the hospital made her really want one! Lol I am telling you my child is odd.  She has a doctors kit and always wants to go to the real doctor, remember when she was upset she did not get a shot at her 3 year old check up??

First she got numbed up, instead of a shot first they put numbing medicine on.  She loved having a green head band at first.  At this point it was around 10pm and she was tried and cranky, soo after a little while she wanted it off.  Plus they SLOW i guess ER's are slow but yeah, after about 45 minutes the nurse came to clean out her cut, and then left and I saw her walk out the door.  An hour later i was done, i went and asked a nurse what was going on she no longer was numb and i just wanted to take everyone home (Abby was there with me and derek too) The doc came right away had to give her a shot to numb her up (dont worry she was brave no tears!!) 
And then he put in 3 staples.

The nurse brought Jackie and Abby a little stuffed animal and sent Jackie home with some more green tape to make head bands for her animals. 

We left a bit after midnight and picked Jackie up a kids cone and happy meal from McDonald's  for her :) she was happy Abby feel asleep.  We got her in the tub cleaned her hair (the back of her head was red) and she went right to sleep and slept until now! (10:30am)

So her first ER trip was pretty easy, and we all made it through :) Now we just have to go back Tuesday to get them taken out. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 years a bit late :)

I am a bit late with Jackie's 3 year old post.  We made a emergency trip to Las Vegas to be with my little brother when his appendix ruptured.  So i am have no pictures of her but there are a TON down below :)

Miss Jackie,

Its hard for me to believe you are 3 years old!  Time seems to have flown by, but yet it seems you have been apart of our live forever.  I still remember the first time i held you and I just knew that you were special!  My life changed forever that day, and i am so happy to take on the role as your mother.

Jackie you are a very smart articulate little girl.  You LOVE to talk. You will talk anyone's ear off who will listen to you.  You repeat stories, tell people about your life, take about events that happened months ago, and well talk talk talk.  You tend to like to play with kids a bit older then you so you can have conversations.  When around kids your age you tend to just talk and not listen ;)

You are a princess.  You always want to play dress ups and be a princess.  You do not have a favorite.  You love all of them.  You have a bunch of different dress ups and enjoy playing dress ups with everyone that comes to visit male or female you do not care.  As long as they can pretend with you are love it!

You are my little helper, what ever I am doing you want to be right there with me.  You help me cook, sweep, mop, clean the car, do the laundry, what ever mommy is doing is what you want to do!!

You are SUCH a girly girl!  You love make up nail polish all things pink and fluffy!   You do like to do things with daddy that are more boy.   You have a baseball mitt and love to play catch, and you love to talk about hockey in fact for your birthday you made a hockey bear at build a bear (thanks uncle sim!)

You love your family and always want to give hugs and kisses.  You LOVE having a little sister and always want to play with her and have her do big things.  You talk to her all the time and just love having a friend at all times!

Your favorite color is red, your favorite food is enchiladas, your best friend is Kaylen, your favorite movie at the moment is enchanted (although this one changes often!) your favorite word is why (maybe its just the most used...)

You love to learn! You are always asking how words are spelled and asking to learn stories from church and repeating them back to us!! You really want to learn how to write so i am trying to help you here. 

You are really the perfect first child i could have ever asked for, you hardly throw tantrums, you are as sweet as can be, now if we can just get you to un learn the word why we would be set!  You really are one of the most loving little kids I know and I love it!  I cant wait to see you grow up and watch how you change.  I love you Jackie, you have a very special place in mommy's heart.

Friday, July 23, 2010

3 year old party check

Jackie requested a princess party this year.  She wanted to play dress ups do make up paint nails dance and have a princess cake.  It was easy enough to comply.

We had a blast! Jackie LOVED her party and kept telling me how much fun she was having.  She had a ton of family and a lot of little friends who showed up too!

My sweet friend took pictures for me so i did not have to worry about it! Thanks Marcie.  Now Jackie is going through a i wont smile or look at the camera phase hence why i wont even consider a new family picture just yet......any way party talk

Derek had to work AHH! but was able to take a 2 hour lunch ;) anyway me and the girls headed over early to make sure we would get some good tables and get everything all set up okay i dont have a picture of that i am lame and forgot to grab some, but it was cute there were princess table covers ;)  She loved opening her presents despite her face promise! 

This was the first present she opened its a bunch of dress up shoes she ran around yelling YAY and was SO excited she had to show it to everyone

Being Jackie NOT smiling when she knows a camera is around
See what i mean WONT look, but hey now y9ou can see the table :) haha this dress i got her a while ago but she knew it was her birthday dress and she had to wait to wear it she has been DYING to wear it! When we put it on she looked in the mirror and said, "oh mom i am so adorable!"
lol she is giving a kinda happy look :)
she really dug the opening gifts, her friend kept bringing them to her lets just put it this way she got A LOT of princess things
Uncle Chris got her a Bell Crown she LOVED IT!
We got tutus and crowns for the girls and swords for the boys who came
a bell dress to go with the crwon see how happy she PROMISE she is happy
My mom made her, her cake SHE really LOVED it!
She kept blowing them out while we were lighting them and singing so we had to re lite a few times

She had a blast i still think she is a stinker for not smiling, but she had a blast! her top gifts were her bell costume, shoes, princess bubble wand, sand box, and camera.  She got spoiled.  Our kidos our lucky we have HUGE families so they will always get a HUGE party, but hey mom and dad don't buy gifts if we do a party but they get pretty dang spoiled! SO thanks to everyone who helped and who came we had a blast!

I must add Abby was my super trooper baby as always and was good as gold.  She just crawled around ate dirt food. and played with everyone.  She only had an hour nap that day so i was worried, but I need to remember, Abby is just a baby i don't need to  worry about she is always content and easy :) oh and super cute!

and just some more

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear yellow xterra,
I don't miss how hot you made us while driving, your lack of first gear, or the  constant worrying what would go wrong with you next, but I do miss your great space and height and well yellow color!
A Toyota convert

Dear races (the name Jackie gave our new car),
Oh how i love you, you have wonderful gas millage, you look brand new, you have AC, you work, you have a wonderful warranty we did not have to pay for ahhhhh!
A non worried car owner

Dear parents of unsupervised children,
I am sick of watching your kids for you.  I have 2 of my own.  Your kids hit, push, play with things they should not, say mean things, throw rocks, and climb up places they could get hurt.  You really should step out side more and look at where your kids are playing
a mom sick of watching your kids

Dear Jackie,
I cant believe you will be 3 on Sunday, please stop growing up k?

Dear Walmart,
I love that you price match, you make me happy every week when i go shopping.  I know its weird but i love shopping and saving lots of money!
a addicted money saver

Dear July,
You are too hot, I miss the lovely 80's and 70's
a hot mama

Dear husband,
I love that you have kept our house so clean this last week THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will always make sure its clean when i leave if it looks the same when i get home :) Also thanks for just being so wonderful, you make me the happiest women alive.  I am lucky to have you!
Your adoring wife

Dear Utah,
Your green and your mountains make me happy! I am sorry don't go enjoy them as much as they should.  I promise i will change
A wanna be hiker

Dear Abigail,
Thanks for sleeping better at night, I am enjoying the 8 hour stretch you do every night and LOVE the 12 hour stretches even more
your non zombie mommy

Dear technological age,
We got rid of our Internet and DVR at home.  I feel like we are slipping back in to the dark ages......I still try to pause my TV and rewind shows.  Jackie keeps pleading for her DVR to come back.  I am enjoying the less TV watching we are having at our house.  Internet i only miss here and there lets face it i spend 40 hours on the Internet at work,
a family in the stone age

Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 months missy moo!

Abby can you believe it you are 2 months away from turning one! I can not believe it!  Its hard to think you are growing up so fast.  No longer are you a baby, you are all to quickly becoming a toddler!

Right now you are sleeping through the night! Fingers crossed it lasts! But you are going to bed around 830-9 and waking up around 9am! i can just say THANK YOU!  This does mean you are only napping once during the day which daddy does not like as much but i love the sleep ;)!

You are becoming a little racer! You crawl so fast! You love to crawl and explore and go to wherever we are! You hate to be left a lone in a room and I think you love knowing you can come find us!

You love water, you like to play with hoses, in the bath, really anything that has to do with water.  The other day I told you it was bath time and you crawled right to the bathroom while i was getting things ready, little smarty pants

You say dada to dad when ever you see him or you yell it when you want him.  You say hi and wave a lot now too, its really cute! I love that you wave to people! You say mama here and there and you have said Jackie twice now but its only when i keep asking you to say it ;) its pretty cute!

You love real food, and are great at feeding your self! You make a mess but LOVE to do it, so we let you!  You also LOVE otterpops!  You get SO excited if you see us eating them and love to share! Last night while i was cleaning up i gave you your own and you laughed rocked and smiled SO big it made me laugh! 

You really are an easy baby you are always smiling your HUGE grin, and laughing.  I love you so much.  You make everyday brighter!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

our attempt at not having entitled children

Derek and I both have strong feelings on our kids not having a sense of entitlement.  Its something we are trying to teach our kids.  We have been working hard at it and it seems to be paying off at the moment with Jackie.  She really loves to do jobs to earn money she still is struggling to do them well but she is learning and its the habits that i care about at this point! :)
I love that know when she wants something she starts to talk about buying it with her money and asking me how much it will cost.  She gets excited to do jobs to earn money for things.  When we go to work she asks us what we are going to spend our money on.  I am hoping the concept of money will sink in to her and she can get a good grasp at a young age that things cost money and money does not grow on tress.  I never remember to take a picture of her giving her money to the checker.  This time we brought her money in a purse. 
Tuesday she used her money to buy bubbles.  She is pretty happy that she bought them and tells everyone she used her own money for them.  This is the picture i tried to get on my phone lol.  She was super happy to have her bubbles and her receipt! :) 
I have been told by a few she is too little to do chores or work or grasp this concept, but I am just going to keep doing what we are doing because it seems to be working great! :) Hopefully it will continue to work as she gets older!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 month stats, and 3 year stats

only a few weeks after she was 9 months lol.  We did her 9 month and Jackies 3 year apt the same day to make our lifes easier! ANYWAY:

Miss Abby was:
20.8 lbs (70% I think) 28.5 inches long (77%) and her head was in the 94% I have kids with HUGE heads...guess c sections are good for some thing :)

Jack Jack (yeah we might use this nickname too much there are kids who think that's her real name......)
was 34 lbs and 37 inches tall which puts her in the 85%.  Jackie would not do the eye test for the nurse, but i gotta say the nurse did not give it well AT ALL so i got why Jackie was not participating lol

We got some big healthy kids.  Jackie LOVED the doctor told him lots of stories and would not stop talking to him, but what else is knew the kid NEVER stops talking, she talks so well for her age and I love it!  Jackie was a bit sad she was not getting a shot and only Abby was getting one, and she could not understand why Abby would cry when she got her shot because as she puts it, "shots are fun they don't hurt"  (maybe its been too long since she has had one lol)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you want to come let me know we would love to have you! :) I cant believe she is almost 3!
Isnt the invite cute?? my cute friend Jenn made them love you Jenn!!!

A sad good bye and a happy welcome

Monday we bid farewell to our Xterra and welcomed in a 09 Toyota Corolla.  Our xterra was having one too many issues and was not reliable anymore.  We got a good deal for our situation and are happy and hoping we will start to save a lot on gas! :) So no more looking for us in a bright yellow SUV lol!  Jackie is thrilled and keeps talking about how much she loves her new new car.  On the way home yesterday she told me, " mommy i really really love my new car i'm not so hot"  I guess Derek and I are not the only ones who have missed AC in our car :)We are pretty excited to have 1st gear again too..