Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 month stats, and 3 year stats

only a few weeks after she was 9 months lol.  We did her 9 month and Jackies 3 year apt the same day to make our lifes easier! ANYWAY:

Miss Abby was:
20.8 lbs (70% I think) 28.5 inches long (77%) and her head was in the 94% I have kids with HUGE heads...guess c sections are good for some thing :)

Jack Jack (yeah we might use this nickname too much there are kids who think that's her real name......)
was 34 lbs and 37 inches tall which puts her in the 85%.  Jackie would not do the eye test for the nurse, but i gotta say the nurse did not give it well AT ALL so i got why Jackie was not participating lol

We got some big healthy kids.  Jackie LOVED the doctor told him lots of stories and would not stop talking to him, but what else is knew the kid NEVER stops talking, she talks so well for her age and I love it!  Jackie was a bit sad she was not getting a shot and only Abby was getting one, and she could not understand why Abby would cry when she got her shot because as she puts it, "shots are fun they don't hurt"  (maybe its been too long since she has had one lol)

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that's what she said...

that's pretty funny about thinking shots are fun. :)