Monday, July 21, 2008

The ESPYS who would have known

So Sunday night hanging out with my hubby watching TV after we put Jackie to bed and he wants to watch the EPSYS..... my first thought is UGH a night of sports awards really not my thing....but little did i know how entertaining they would be.....First off the host was Justin Timberlake really when you here that you think UGH really couldn't they have done better at finding a host that would be funny???? but really he was sooo funny! lol he had some funny musical numbers and even talked about his Superbowl experience from years ago. lol it made me laugh and kept me entertained :) Really he just made fun of everyone there and could not get over Mario Chalmers from Kansas making the three to put the NCAA championship into over time....but best of all KIEFER was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol that makes everything worth it lol wow i need help but yeah there you go now i just need to convince Derek to go to bad no hockey won! (Derek wants me to add it was nominated for two awards best play for Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets for his double toe drag to score the game winning goal, and the Detroit Red Wings were nominated for best team)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lifes little lessons!

Its been a week sorry for the lag in blogging!! Anyway i have had a good week and learned many things this week and i would like to share so i don't forget lifes little lessons!

One I freaking love musicals! As my dear neighbor put it they just make you feel good after you see them! I saw mama mia today it was so good, you just feel good after you see a musical! This makes me re think the movies i watch i want to feel good that good after seeing them you know all happy not uncomfortable at all :)

Second lesson, that if you want the Lord to do stuff for you, you have to do stuff for him. We have been super stressed finically lately and we have been trying to figure out what to do. Dereks job has the potential to bring in a lot of money but can also leave you with none at the same time. We decided that the reason we were having so many issues is we were letting things like scripture study and prayer slip and not being the best we could be and not putting our full trust in the Lord. So we decided we would change we would read our scriptures daily and pray as a couple daily instead of just nightly with Jackie. And its been amazing this week, i got two phone calls to do mediation's! One did not go through but because of the lateness in canceling i still get money! And Derek has had an amazing week at work! We kept thinking of the scripture in D&C 82:10 10 I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise. Its been so nice to see how much he has blessed our life this week :)
Anyway just wanted to share with you all! Hope all is going well! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jackie's 1st birthday - Puppy Party

WE DID IT, we threw Jackie her 1st birthday party! It was a 2 weeks early but we are out of town the next 3 weeks ends so we decided it was the best time :) It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of friends and family there! Thanks to all who came and for all her gifts! I can not believe i have a one year old! Its amazing how time flies by! What amazes me even more is how much we love Jackie! She is our life and brings us so much joy! This year has been amazing as we have been trying to figure out how to be parents and learning all about babies! we have grown closer as we have embarked on this journey through parent hood and cant wait to someday add more to our little family (for now one is enough! :))
I love you Jackie! Thanks for being you, you are so sweet and bring so much love in to our home! When ever we are stressed your laugh, hugs, kisses, or just watching you sleep seems to make it all melt away and makes us happy1 I LOVE YOU MONKEY!!!

We had everyone sign this puppy that came to her party
Jackie opening her presents
This was her favorite
playing with her toy
The loot (well with some old ones)

Her puppy cake my mom made
"blowing "out her candles
Her cake
digging in
the aftermath

The little girls playing in the grass
The Grub
The crazy neighbor
Dress up a puppy game
The boys even played :) how sweet

SIDE NOTE....those who know me well know i am a terrible speller....i just checked this post and there were no misspellings :) WOW first time for everything :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Step Forward Mediation

As a lot of you know I have always been interested in becoming a family and divorce mediator. I took all the classes for it and became certified about a year ago. I have done a few mediation's here and there but I am determined to get things rolling and try to get more done! With the help of my mom I am working on creating a website and thought i would share it with the blogging world! Its still a work in progress! I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just a bunch of pics :) and then some

Jackie watching the parade
Derek gave her a whole thing of apple sauce! lol she loved it
Supper happy eating her apple sauce
My birthday flowers, and my Tim Mcgraw shirt!
My birthday cake :)
Jackie fell asleep holding her lamb!
Not much is new her just loving Jackie! She has learned two new words, Bubbles and no
we also got a baby gate from Dereks sister, now Jackie can not get out of the living room!!! (she had figured out how to break through all our baby barricades :)
I had a great birthday! Tim McGraw was sooo good it was nice to get a way just the two of us for 6 hours! THANKS MOM ! and i got some amazing gifts! My mom got me a wii so i have been enjoying playing that, and then my dad is getting me lasik!! ( thanks Jenn for watching Jackie!!) So soon i will be able to see my alarm clock and husband while in bed! its an exciting concept :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jackie is turning 1!!

Party for Jackie

WHEN July 12th 6:30 PM
WHERE Kiwains park in Provo UT (820 N 1100 E) Pavillion 1
WHAT a birthday party with hot dogs and such! you are all inivited to come spend this day with us!! if you have any questions just let me know! I hope to see you all

July 3'rd wo's!

Ok i am peeved and figured this would be the best spot to vent about it! I live on University Ave so te fourth of July parade in Provo comes right by my house! As great as this is it has its draw backs.....First off people are allowed to camp over night in my front yard (well they are only allowed to be from the side walk to the curb.)
Provo city posted rules in peoples front yards for the 4th telling people what they could and could not do, its seems that no one can read and no one cares what they say!!!! All day to day me and my neighbors have had to deal with people parking their cars in our drive way so we cant get out, people parking along a street that says no parking which makes it so we can not see it get out! People trying to move our stuff and sit in our lawn!! When we tell people they really just dont seem to care its annoying and will only get more so as the night moves on and people are loud and we want to sleep it will continue in the morning hours before the parade starts! UGH i just dont understand the excitement of camping out for a parade oh well! My neighbor Jason Spicer put up tape to block the area off we will see if it works...what i really hope is the sprinklers go off :)
Ok that was all mean i am sorry :) i am happy about many things right now like i have the best baby in the world! I love her to pieces she just makes me happy! I have a place to live food to eat and family and friends that care about me and i live in a country where i have freedom!!!!