Monday, May 24, 2010

Jackie vs Abby

Here is Abby at 8 months she is a cuttie I love this outfit! I decided to compare here to Jackie at about the same age             

Jackie at 7 months

Jackie at 7 months

Abby again!

I think they look pretty dang alike thoughts? (each with their own look of course!:))

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 8 months Abigail!


Can you even believe you are 8 months old today! You are getting so big and getting such a wonderful personality!

-You LOVE your big sister. You always want to be around her and watch what she is doing. You don't seem to mind whens he tries to pick you up, feed you, or snuggle you. You love to watch her and laugh. I love seeing you two interact and hope it continues!! Although getting a picture of the 2 of you is not easy!

-You do love food! You love to feed your self and always want to eat along with us! I do love this, its fun to watch you grow up and eating is just part of it! The other day while i was making cookies you dug right in! lol guess you are like your mama and love raw cookie dough! Potato Salad also made your favorite list yesterday. Now to get some teeth in your day I am sure!

-You can almost crawl! You are so dang close! you love to get up on all 4's do planks and roll and pivot all around, you have done the army crawl when you really want something its really cute!

-you love to song "if your Abby (happy) and you know it" you even know when to clap (see video below) i thought it was just a one time thing but you still do it every time!

-You love when mommy or daddy comes home. You get so excited and start flapping your arms and squealing until we come and kiss you...if we wait too long you get VERY upset!

-You have been SLEEPING! Yes that's right you do love your mommy! You have been going to bed around 10 and sleeping until 4 or 5 eating and then going back to sleep until around 9. Can I tell you how wonderful it is Abby!!!

- You are talking! Not quite as much as Jackie but you say dada and mama and have said hi here and there.  You do use dada for your daddy and mama for me so i think you get what they mean :) on mothers day you said  Hi dada and then hit him in the face :D 

this is the best pic we got lol their shirts say my  sis   is my BFF

-You are a very easy baby, much easier then are so content to just hang out and watch what is going on around hardly fuss or cry its wonderful you are such a joy in our lives! we love you so very much!

Thanks for being such a great and wonderful baby! Mommy loves you so very much!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If your Abby and you know it...

can you get any cuter???

Derek and Abby having fun while we were helping our friends clean before they move out

I love being a mommy!

(insert picture of me and my girls....its on my parents camera coming soon)

I love being a mom! Really  I don't think there is anything better!  I love being able to teach my girls and watch them grow! I love when they master something new, I love when i hear Jackie talking about what she learned in church, or what she learned at FHE.  Yesterday she told us the story of the good Samaritan after derek told it to her, she said. "a man got beat on the road, he needed a doctor no one helped one guy was nice took him to doctor" lol.

I love how much being a mommy has helped  me grow, how it has taught me to be more Christ like, less selfish, more focused on the big picutre, and taught me to apprciate my parents a lot more!

I love holding my girls, hugs from my girls, kisses, snuggles, rocking Abby, feeding Abby, playing with Jackie, watching shows with Jackie, talking to Jackie, taking my girls on adventures

Really i just love being a mom and all that is a part of that.  I would not change it for the world.  I love my little girls so much they make each day better because they are in my life.  I miss them like crazy while i am working, but i do enjoy the huge hugs, kisses, and smiles i get when i get home!

I am also grateful for my moms and all they have taught me and helped me grow through out the years! I am glad i was lucky enough to have both of them in my life, they have given me strength and showed me what a true mother means!  Happy Mothers day to all you moms a few days late!

I need to get the pictures from my mom because they looked super cute on mothers day even if Jackie would not look at the camera :)

5k YAY!

We did our 2nd 5k.  It was fun but there was about a billion people which made it more fun  I thought!  I was happy i wanted to do it in under 40 minutes ( i know its a slow time) and  I did so i was happy Derek did it in 28 minutes i think! So now we are not signed up for anymore and they cost a lot so i don't think we will.  But we gotta figure out a goal we want to accomplish to keep us running....or something to keep us in shape! I am now 10 lbs from my goal but thinking i want to change my goal which puts me 20lbs from my goal.  :) so we shall see i am sure we will keep you updated, i am just proud of us for doing a 5k.  We went to the zoo after pictures will come soon :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

ya ya i know

I have a problem....I tend to like really stupid reality TV shows.  I like the show 16 and pregnant.  I might have admitted this before lol but yes I find that show very intriguing.

I dont know why exactly, but I find it interesting to see how they got where they got, and how much of a shock motherhood becomes....and yes the "drama" always entices me.    

I find it interesting to see why they decide to keep their babies, interesting to watch them take care of them once they are here, interesting to see how much the parents help out their daughter, interesting to see if their boyfriend sticks around, interesting to hear how they got pregnant. 

The MOST interesting thing i find is how they all complain how much having a baby costs in supplies.  The one they always talk about is formula  and how much it costs....None of them decide to breast feed.  They all use bottles and formula...I wonder why this is.  I mean i i know some babies cant do breast milk some moms cant do it....but most can soo how come NONE of these girls do it.  If they really are hurting for money you think they would man up (mom up:)) and nurse there little ones, but i guess they are 16 which means there is a great deal of selfishness there......thoughts??? 

I love a nursing baby :) so cute! And I love nursing....maybe not so much in the middle of night but i do love it.  I hate the stigma this world now has on breastfeeding.  People seem to be scared of it and find it creepy.  Even the topic some find creepy....while pumping in the restroom at work the other day, someone told me it was reponse was umm really??  she explained that seeing the milk was gross.....i just said um well its natural sorry....did not know how to respond lol

Monday, May 3, 2010

light at the end of the tunnel?

could it really be?  Is the end in sight??  This past week was a wonderful week for the 2 little ones....Jackie asked to wear underwear to bed instead of pull ups and had no accidents at night! YAY! could this really be the end of buying blasted pull ups?

Potty Training Jackie has been WAY to long of a process due to the fact as soon as we get her good we up and change her life and she regresses....but it seems like she is ready to be done and well we don't plan on moving or having a kid any time soon so hopefully she will stay good :)

This last week Miss Abigail has also changed her sleeping habits! :) She has been going to sleep around 10 and sleeping until around 5am eating and going back asleep until around 9am....can i tell you how WONDERFUL it is! :) I am just hoping she keeps it up...not holding my breath she has been waking up ever 2-3 hours since birth so we shall see if it sticks I am not holding my breath, but hey it was a nice week of sleeping almost through the night and a wonderful weekend of sleeping in until 9 :)

we will see if it is the end of the tunnel  if not at least i can see the light :D