Monday, May 3, 2010

light at the end of the tunnel?

could it really be?  Is the end in sight??  This past week was a wonderful week for the 2 little ones....Jackie asked to wear underwear to bed instead of pull ups and had no accidents at night! YAY! could this really be the end of buying blasted pull ups?

Potty Training Jackie has been WAY to long of a process due to the fact as soon as we get her good we up and change her life and she regresses....but it seems like she is ready to be done and well we don't plan on moving or having a kid any time soon so hopefully she will stay good :)

This last week Miss Abigail has also changed her sleeping habits! :) She has been going to sleep around 10 and sleeping until around 5am eating and going back asleep until around 9am....can i tell you how WONDERFUL it is! :) I am just hoping she keeps it up...not holding my breath she has been waking up ever 2-3 hours since birth so we shall see if it sticks I am not holding my breath, but hey it was a nice week of sleeping almost through the night and a wonderful weekend of sleeping in until 9 :)

we will see if it is the end of the tunnel  if not at least i can see the light :D

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e said...

the end (for at least one of them) seems to be in sight! or is it on site? ha!
I love you. Even if you don't use the right words.
Yay for you!