Monday, May 24, 2010

Jackie vs Abby

Here is Abby at 8 months she is a cuttie I love this outfit! I decided to compare here to Jackie at about the same age             

Jackie at 7 months

Jackie at 7 months

Abby again!

I think they look pretty dang alike thoughts? (each with their own look of course!:))


that's what she said...

WOW! definite differences, like their nose, but they do look a lot alike....GORGEOUS! :)

Jenna said...

You better label all your pictures- or you'll never know who they are later. lol.

The Stells! said...

yeah i see i but in there cheeks too lol i wonder what the toddler years for Abby will bring Jackie already looks like me will Abby too??

Shelli Dame said...

Wow! They really do look so much alike! You have beautiful girls, Jess!!

Stephanie said...

Woa. Scary to have twins so far apart.

lovingmylife said...

They do look A LOT alike. If I was just looking at the photos and not reading it I would have thought it was just one baby in a cute outfit! wow :)