Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things i find myself saying daily

"Jackie your kisses are so very sweet but please be soft with Abby"

"Jackie those hugs are so nice, but please stop hugging Abby"

"Jackie, your a sweet big sister but please stop playing with Abby"

"Jackie i love your hugs but please stop hugging my neck"

"Jackie i know you think you are not tired, but I bet you could fall asleep"

"Jackie, Abby does not want to be a princess right now"

"Bed time 5 minutes"

"Jackie please don't feed your food to Abby"

"Abby we don't eat dirt" 

"Jackie, I mean "enter princess name here"" 

"No we are not going to McDonald's tonight"

"Sorry we can't go to Grandpas house today"

"Mommy's tired"

"Laughing Bear (Abby) is not laughing she is sleeping"
      -"oh she is being a sleeping bear, lets wake her up so she can be a laughing bear" -Jackie 
       - "No she wants to be a sleeping bear" 


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that's what she said...

sounds pretty similar to what i say to ethan all day, lol.