Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Saturday Jackie had enough money in her piggy bank to go buy her doll.  She was pretty excited and kept yelling YAY I GET TO GO BUY MY DOLL WITH MY MONEY! 

lol we brought her piggy bank to the store.  She went and picked our princess tiana, when it  came time to pay for her she happily emptied her piggy bank for the lady.

  We did not have a  problem until the lady started to take her money.....Jackie was NOT very happy with this.  She wanted to keep her money and her doll :) lol. 

She was better after Derek opened her doll and she got to hold her, but still it was semi tramatic for her to have to spend her money.  But that was what we wanted we want her to understand working for money to buy i guess it worked some what.  

She is now happily earning more money so she can buy Sleeping Beauty.  And yes she still turns the dishwasher on whenever so she can clean more dishes so she can put them away.....

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