Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Fun

I am one of those people who really love their birthdays :)!  I have a lot of fun and love doing things with all my loved ones!  This year I had a wonderful wonderful birthday!  I guess it all started on Sunday the day before when we went up the canyon with my dad and fam to celebrate my birthday and by brother Chris (his birthday is June 26th) we had a lot of fun and I got a flip video camera! So i am excited to have that to take videos of the girls! 

Monday I had to work, my sweet husband made me breakfast and took me to work so he could come bring me a picnic for lunch :)!   After work my mom came and watch our girls so we could get out for a night off! We went out to dinner and then went camping up Provo canyon to Mt. Timpanogos Campground, we were going to go to Granite Flats but when i saw the campground i had to stay!  It was right on the river which was so pretty and so wonderful! (i forgot my camera :( )

We had such a nice time just being together and getting some good alone time in!! It was really nice to just be up in the mountains together with out other distractions!  And man i love taking time to just get away from everything!  It was kinda nice to know our cell phones would not ring and it was just us!  We got a wonderful nights sleep lol best i have had since i got pregnant with Abigail which seems all sorts of wrong but it was so wonderful! In the morning Derek made me a wonderful breakfast and told me it was my birthday day 2 he said i get a 2 day long birthday since i am so great!  and then we took down camp and headed down the mountain. 

We had talked about going Mt. bike ridding but we would have had to go to Alpine and i really wanted to go to a movie too, so we decided to save mountain biking for another day.  We went to see Knight and Day (we snuck in lots of goodies!!) Can I tell you HOW good it was!! We both loved it!! After the movie we walked around the mall and Derek got me 2 pairs of shoes! :)! Then we went back to our girls, who did great with grandma and really just did not miss us very much (although Jackie keeps telling me i am not supposed to go camping without her family )

My mom then took us out for dinner at Texas Road House! It was SO good and we had a lot of fun!! I had a wonderful birthday! I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life to share it with! I feel really old hitting that 25 mark but i am loving my life with my wonderful family!