Thursday, June 10, 2010

the little things sure add up!

Sometimes i get into a woe is me mode, a complaining mode, and then i seem to get a lot of cute little things that happen to make me realize how absolutely wonderful my life is!

Here are some of the little things
  • Jackie walking around baring her testimony
  • Jackie reminding me to say prayers
    • Jackie being able to say prayers all by her self
  • Abby's wonderful little smile that brightens my day!
  • Abby's laugh brightens my day!
  • Rocking my baby to sleep
  • Watching my girls play together
  • a picnic with my family
  • My "princess" for a daughter
  • A wonderful husband who loves me dearly and would do anything for me!
  • weight loss
  • our wonderful families who care deeply about us
  • 2 wonderful jobs that give us money to live in our wonderful condo!
  • a car that gets us from point a to b (regardless of the ability to keep us cool!)
What are some little things in your life

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