Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Friday Favorites

 My favorite favorite would have to be Adoption.  I am so grateful for this process so my brother and his wife could be come parents. This is little Isla (said I-la) Grace Garner They are truly wonderful people and are going to be amazing parents! I am so thankful for Cassie (the birth mom) and her selflessness to give them her baby! You should read their blog here

What can i say this is just  wonderful.  My parents turned me on to it and i got it at wal mart.  Its truly the best food storage containers ever!  I got to throw away all our Tupperware and just have this!! No more looking for lids or anything...its all right there! There are 3 sizes of containers and get this the lids fit all 3! its got a great storage system and its just BEAUTIFUL!! seriously go buy it i promise you will be so so very happy!

 These pans from Bed Bath and Beyond I got for Mothers Day seriously make me giddy every time i cook! They work so so so well and I LOVE that they can go from stove top to oven :)  They just make me happy happy happy happy  plus it was only 49.95 for both!

Have you seen the sun lately! Its been out! This is an amazing thing maybe spring/summer is really here!!

Living in Utah my whole life i never fully appreciated green, green grass, green trees just green.  In Alamogordo there was not a lot of green.  It was one of the things i missed most while we lived there.  So yes this tops my favorite list!! :)

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Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

i have those pans. I LOVE THEM!