Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love Derek!

Do not let the date of this fool you.  This is supposed to be for Derek's birthday.  Yesterday he turned 29.  :)

Due to our move it was a pretty low key birthday, but after he got home from work the girls had a few goodies for him! Just some of his favorite treats from our local Smiths haha.  We made him some brownies and took him out to Sushiya so he could eat his favorite food that i HATE more than anything.  He enjoyed his dinner and i hated mine....:). 

Afterwords he decided to take the girls to the mall to let hem run around and play, and then we went to look around at his favorite stores....and some of mine where he tried to buy me things.  lol hes too sweet!

Afterwards we came home to do brownies. I had bought trick candles and the girls thought they were the funniest things EVER!

After brownies Derek went to go play hockey his favorite thing to do ever! :)

I hope he had a good birthday! I sure love Derek he is such a great husband to me! He always puts my needs above his own, and cares about what makes me happy.  He loves our daughters so much and they love him and always want to play with him! He has such a strong testimony of the gospel and I am so happy to have the Priesthood in our home.  Derek really is my better half.  He knows me so well, sometimes i swear it's better than i know my self.

Love you Derek!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jackies talk

Jackie gave her 2nd talk yesterday in Primary.  She was so cute and did such a cute job! She wrote it mostly by her self.  I helped add a few words and the scripture.  She wanted me to make sure we put pictures in it so she could "read" it all by herself.  She did pretty good too! I was so proud! 

I think one of the greatest joys i have so far discovered in parenting is seeing my little girl gain her own testimony of the Church and share it! I love always hearing what she is learning at church.  I love and hate how big she is getting and how quick she is growing up! 

You can read her talk and see the pictures she picked to help her remember her words. 
HI I am Jackie, and I am talking about Choosing the Right. 

Choosing the right means we do what Heavenly Father and Jesus wants us to do. 


They always want us to choose the right. If we do what they say we will get blessings

Blessings are not just when people put hands on our heads, it’s also when we get things we want and need, that make us happy.

There are lots of ways Heavenly Father and Jesus tell us what to do.

Prophets tell us what to do to Choose the Right.  Our Prophet today is President Monson. 

Our mommies and daddies help us know what to do to choose the right

Our teachers also teach us what we should do too! 

We can also know what we should do by reading the scriptures.

2 Nephi 10:23 Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life. 

When I choose the right it makes my heart happy.  I hope we can all listen to the commandments and follow them. 

I want to bear my testimony…..

Changes changes changes!!

SO, I am pretty sure anyone who reads this also is my friend on facebook.  But anyway, we have decided that it is time for me to stop working at Prosper and to move up to SLC area.  :) So last week i put in my notice with Prosper and we put in our notice with our landlord! Can you say CRAZY! :) haha I am still in the this is crazy thought process, so we will see what happens.  I sure LOVE Utah County and it will be really weird for me to leave it.  I am excited though.  I really really really want to spend more time with my girls. 

Oh Derek is also excited for no more hour long commutes!

I will still be working for Steal Network, but i can do most all of it from home! I am really excited about that.  I love our sitters, we have been SUPER lucky to have some good friends babysit our kiddos.  But really I am happy they will be with us again! :)

We are still looking for a place up there, Derek really wants to move back home to Bountiful.  SO we will see! We applied for a place up there, and I have my fingers crossed we will get it! :) It meets Jackie's requirement of stairs inside the apartment. haha And its cheap! Best part of it!

As for me, my body is still screwed up.  I am not sure when it will all get back to normal. :s i am annoyed with it though.  I just want to feel normal again.  Doc said to give it time.  Time is what i need.  :( I trust my doc though, hes pretty awesome.  So here's hoping things will all get back to normal again shortly!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals

So, with doing new goals each month,  I also want to roll over some old goals. 

So here are this months old goals:

1.  Read 5 chapters of scripture a day
2. No soda (oh this was last months too, i just never put it on)

New goals to add this month:

1. No fast food ( I was going to do no eating out, but its dereks b-day and V-day!)
2. Exercise 4 times a week
3. Morning Prayers 

While I like the blogging one, I am trying not to stress my self out.....if it happens it happens! :)