Monday, December 28, 2009

my little ones

Here are some pics we had done of the girls we could not really get one of them together lol they were both not in the mood to have their pis taken i guess

I think my girlys are the best!!  My old neighbor did the pics :) she is great! here is her blog

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

a whole new view

I am sitting here with my girls around the Christmas tree.  One mezmorized by the lights the other talking and talking about Christmas, Santa, the gifts under the tree, and so forth. (bet ya cant guess who is who ;)) It amazes me how much joy children can bring to this holiday.  I have been somewhat of a christmas hater since I got older.  I hate the whole present aspect in so many ways.  Always worrying about what to get others and what people will get you ect.  However this year has been different.  Its been so fun to watch Jacquelyn light up about everything to do with Christmas.  Watching her get excited as she talks about what she wants and what she wants to get for others.  How excited she gets about christmas tree lights and decorating.  The joy is amazing to me and I love watching this holiday through her eyes.  SO I just might give Christmas another chance this year at being my favorite Holliday With two cute girls and a wonderdul husband and all our family with us it just might edge out Thanksgiving.  I am SO grateful this year to be with them all and spend time with them! I just cant wait to see Jackie on Christmas morning and watch the joy on her face.  She might be a tad upset we are not making Jesus an Elmo cake for his birthday though...but I hope the joy of the day and hte majic of it all will help her forget about the cake :)

a few pics from utah

Miss Jackie she loves Grandpas house

Abby got to meet Heathers baby they are about 2 weeks apart

Jackie wanted to play out side but there was snow everywhere  Good ol grandpa helped out and made it so she could play! He is so sweet to her!

He even did the tramp

We have been having a ton of fun hanging out with everyone in utah!  We are almost to the end of our trip which is crazy! Derek is coming on Saturday and I am so excited to see him again! Jackie keeps telling me daddy is coming in 2 :) Anyway I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

pictures from blessing day

Happy 3 months!

Well missy you have reached 3 months!! Mommy can not believe you are getting so big! You have had an interesting month and a busy one for sure! Thanksgiving weekend brought family down and your daddy blessed you. We decided to come back to Utah with grandpa and leave poor daddy in NM. You have spent a lot of this month of your life away from him. He misses you tons and I think you miss him too! You have been meeting a lot of your family and enjoying getting held so much!

This month you like
sleeping in our bed still! A habit we are trying to break!
Your binki you LOVE that thing
Your mama you wont take a bottle at all just want mama
you love music when you are sad music all seems to make you happy
you started laughing this month you dont do it often but oh how i love your little squeals
you love to move you are always on the go moving your arms and legs i think you will be an early crawler!
Looking around and paying attention to EVERYTHING. You always are paying attention to what ever is going on around you. You stare and stare at us it makes me laugh!

tummy get so angry every time mommy makes you do it
you hate facing inwards you want to see the world
sitting down- you always want to be on the move and seeing what is going on

You are the joy of our lives and we cant wait to watch you grow and learn! Love you missy! You are my little Osa and i love you tons!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Any ideas?

SO lately when it comes feeding time with miss Abigail its gotten difficult She will eat for about 3 minutes and then just start screaming and screaming. I will sit her up give her her binky and in about 5 minutes she will eat some more. I am trying to figure out what is wrong and why she is screaming. I know something is wrong because its her i need help i am in pain cry. I am thinking it could be reflux or hyperlactation but she never spits up really maybe 3 times a week and its just very very small and trying the tips to resolve hyperlactiatoin do not seem to be working.....any ideas out there or what we ccan try i am thinking of trying no dairy but wow thats a hard one for me!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Can you handle this???

I am so excited!! I love Jack!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

half way done

Well i am sure if anyone out there reads my blog you might be sick of hearing about Derek being gone....the good news we made it past halfway! :) he will be here in 10 days! I am pretty excited lol
Things here in Utah have been going great! we have been having a lot of fun visiting everyone! I think i have worn Jackie and Abby out though....they are pretty beat but seem to be enjoing it all! I am taking our car back tomorrow so it wont be near as crazy! It also means you will have to make a drive up to Alpine :)
I have learned from being out here that i really do miss it! I love it out here it just nice and peacfull and i sure miss it! lol but i do also miss our place and having my own things :) and well being in warm weather sounds nicer! And the whole being with my hubby part..its no fun to be without them! It has given me a greater apprciation for those people in the military and what they go through being seperated for so long....i have gone 11 days and i still have 10 more and i am already dying! How the heck do they make it for months to years at a time???  anyway we are well and happy no worries here! plus christmas is  coming! :) i am excited to see Jackie on Christmas day!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Absence make the heart grow fonder

Well good news is we are doing well in Utah even without Derek.  Jackie misses her daddy alot and mentions it for the most part when she is tired.  She misses her home too she keeps asking me for things we did not bring, but grandpa can usually make her forget pretty quick! Its been fun seeing people we have not seen in a long time!  There are still so many people to see it its kinda crazy! Good news is we are here until the 27th so we have time....I have a car right now and will have it until thursday so if you wanna play let me know you are also welcome to come up here too!
I do miss Derek alot.  Its weird not to have him around all the time to talk to or get hugs from.  To help with the girls and so on, but I have a lot of help here so that is nice too :) we have made it a week tomorrow so its only 2 more still seems a LONG time but I know we will be able to make it and it will be so nice when we get back together! One thing for sure its helped me relise how much i love him and appricate all he does to help me with the girls! Life sure is easier with him around and I love him!  I am so glad I meet him and we have started our life together! I will take being poor and happy with him then being with anyone else!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

help a family in need

I dont know how many of you heard about what happened in the nutty putty caves last week.  But a man died leaving his wife, daughter, and soon to be child.  you can read more about it here.  There is a blog hosting an auction to raise money for the family.  If you can go take a look and get something! :) head on over!