Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 3 months!

Well missy you have reached 3 months!! Mommy can not believe you are getting so big! You have had an interesting month and a busy one for sure! Thanksgiving weekend brought family down and your daddy blessed you. We decided to come back to Utah with grandpa and leave poor daddy in NM. You have spent a lot of this month of your life away from him. He misses you tons and I think you miss him too! You have been meeting a lot of your family and enjoying getting held so much!

This month you like
sleeping in our bed still! A habit we are trying to break!
Your binki you LOVE that thing
Your mama you wont take a bottle at all just want mama
you love music when you are sad music all seems to make you happy
you started laughing this month you dont do it often but oh how i love your little squeals
you love to move you are always on the go moving your arms and legs i think you will be an early crawler!
Looking around and paying attention to EVERYTHING. You always are paying attention to what ever is going on around you. You stare and stare at us it makes me laugh!

tummy get so angry every time mommy makes you do it
you hate facing inwards you want to see the world
sitting down- you always want to be on the move and seeing what is going on

You are the joy of our lives and we cant wait to watch you grow and learn! Love you missy! You are my little Osa and i love you tons!

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