Thursday, December 17, 2009

a whole new view

I am sitting here with my girls around the Christmas tree.  One mezmorized by the lights the other talking and talking about Christmas, Santa, the gifts under the tree, and so forth. (bet ya cant guess who is who ;)) It amazes me how much joy children can bring to this holiday.  I have been somewhat of a christmas hater since I got older.  I hate the whole present aspect in so many ways.  Always worrying about what to get others and what people will get you ect.  However this year has been different.  Its been so fun to watch Jacquelyn light up about everything to do with Christmas.  Watching her get excited as she talks about what she wants and what she wants to get for others.  How excited she gets about christmas tree lights and decorating.  The joy is amazing to me and I love watching this holiday through her eyes.  SO I just might give Christmas another chance this year at being my favorite Holliday With two cute girls and a wonderdul husband and all our family with us it just might edge out Thanksgiving.  I am SO grateful this year to be with them all and spend time with them! I just cant wait to see Jackie on Christmas morning and watch the joy on her face.  She might be a tad upset we are not making Jesus an Elmo cake for his birthday though...but I hope the joy of the day and hte majic of it all will help her forget about the cake :)

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cherigarner said...

Christmas through the eyes of a child is a great way to see it! Love you!