Monday, December 14, 2009

Any ideas?

SO lately when it comes feeding time with miss Abigail its gotten difficult She will eat for about 3 minutes and then just start screaming and screaming. I will sit her up give her her binky and in about 5 minutes she will eat some more. I am trying to figure out what is wrong and why she is screaming. I know something is wrong because its her i need help i am in pain cry. I am thinking it could be reflux or hyperlactation but she never spits up really maybe 3 times a week and its just very very small and trying the tips to resolve hyperlactiatoin do not seem to be working.....any ideas out there or what we ccan try i am thinking of trying no dairy but wow thats a hard one for me!


Celia said...

I bet it's acid reflux. The tips I read for hyperlactation didn't really help TOO much because I think Eliza already had the reflux. It makes for a MISERABLE mom and baby. We've tried feeding her only from bottles the past couple of days and it doesn't even help. SO. If you KNOW it is the "I'm in pain" cry, it most likely is the acid reflux. Eliza really doesn't spit up that much anymore, but I still know she is having horrible pains when she cries. I also gave up dairy, eggs, broccoli, and a few other foods, but NO difference. I'm in the same boat as you, Jessica. It's hard!! I can't imagine doing it alone the past few days.

p.s. We told our pediatrician what was up and all he suggested was Zantac.

Celia said...

Oh! And another thought. Check this article out and read the part where it says "baby's symptoms."
Eliza had SO many of these!! It's a result of oversupply syndrome: when you produce too much milk, so your baby never gets enough of the nutritious hindmilk, just lots of the foremilk. Check it out. I couldn't believe how right on it was!

Danielle and the Boys said...

hmm...this sounds like bennett recently. but he's suffered with thrush a lot so i just always assumed it was that. sounds like celia has lots of great advice-i might check that info out too. poor baby! i hope you get things resolved soon!

cherigarner said...

I will let you know on Saturday! Can't wait to hold her.