Thursday, April 30, 2009


So while i was pregnant with Jackie i got bumps all over my body just little tinny bumps, not red, not itchy just little bumps. They are on my arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach and back...okay pretty much everywhere but my neck and face :) The doc was confused said it could be liver spots and should go away after i was no longer prego.
Well some did some did not, and now this time around i am covered! They are everywhere! Derek calls me spots lol.......anyway i have talked with my doc about them and he had no idea so he talked with a bunch of other doctors and no one can figure it out.....they said that it should not be harmful to me or the baby or any cause for concern....but still i want to know what they are from, and if i am going to keep getting more and more with each pregnancy, because lets face it i don't really want to be spots for ever......any of you get bumps all over?????

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I do...for now

The way the world views marriage is just going down hill go watch this come on people, marriage is a life long commitment, its not a business deal

Thursday, April 23, 2009

some pics of the cute little one!

Wow bloger WILL not let me change pic position! Anyway here is derek all dressed up for graduation!

Here is our little girl!! somehow that means girl lol something about 3 lines
Here is her arm the leg does not show up too good on my picture of a picture

Here is my prego self :)

HEre is her cute face and little foot :) She was QUITE active during the ultrasound and would not hold very still...only held still while they were looking at her heart :) Anyway everything looks good she looks healthy!!
Now we just have to decide on a name me and Derek can not agree....if ya got any good Girl names let us know


GIRL!!!!!!! Jackie will be getting a little sister! I must say its a good those headbands i bought for this baby last month if she was a girl will go to good use! And i am so happy for Jackie to have a sister closer to her age! I aways wanted one growing up so i am glad she gets one!!! Oh EVERYTHING looks great she is one healthy looking baby!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


DEREK JUST FINISHED HIS LAST FINAL!! He is done at BYU! We are so excited!!! Don't know what i will do when we have debates on who is smarter now though...i can no longer take him on field trips to see my diploma.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

The ramblings of a prego women!

my mind and life has been a bit of a jumble lately, maybe its due to the fact i do not get enough sleep for a pregnant lady, or maybe its just because the baby that's growing inside of me is taking my mind away from me slowly.......
Things i have been thinking about/doing
  • That being a mom means there is no time for stopping...unfortunately once you have a kid and you get prego again you don't get the chance to take a lot of breaks! Working full time does not help at all i am sure still have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off/the kid wakes up and get still has to be cleaned...dinner has to be made...Laundry has to be done....kid and hubby need matter how much you want to stay in bed
  • spending 5 hours cleanning is not good for a prego will regret it later, but your house will be MUCH prettier!
  • Saturday after cleaning we had our good friends over for roast beef dinner! It was a lot of fun and we are really going to miss them when they move back to Alaska this week!
  • Derek's graduation is this week which means i have Thursday and Friday off!
  • We find out the gender on Thursday, and i cant seem to make up my mind if i think its a boy or a girl.....
  • Jackie is getting SO big and smart, and becoming sweeter and sweeter as she gets older-she has mastered please, thank you, and your welcome....and i think its SO cute!
  • Jackie enjoys kissing by tummy saying baby baby....does she think my tummy is called baby or does she get theres a baby in there hmmm who knows
  • Jackie loves the song Jesus wants me for a sunbeam and we listen to it over and over again
  • Morning sickness is gone i least it has been for a week now...Heart burn is still in full swing, but i decided i need to just suck it up
  • Jackie is into giving puppy kisses now...(licking your face) its kinda funny....
  • Jackie is a little sponge i can not believe how fast she learns or picks up on things we say
  • Jackie really likes 24 and i don't know how i feel about that.....
  • I think i have the sweetest best daughter ever! (yes i am sure you all feel the same way, and thats okay ;))
  • Jackie is done teething for now and i am happy
  • I think Jackie is going through a growth spurt because she is eating like crazy right now!
Okay i think thats about it! Make sure you make your guess on what you think i am having! Thursday you will find out if you were right or wrong!! (hopfully thursday...depends on how crazy things get with graduation...but i will do my best to post!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what do you think of when you hear April?

So when i think of April i think of sunny skies with occasional rain storms...MAYBE just maybe a flake or two of snow, but nothing big!


I am already sick of the snow and wanting Spring to be here we have had a few glimpse's but i want it to stay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

well what do you feel

I keep getting asked the question, "so do you think its a boy or a girl?" When i tell them i have no clue what i think it is they ask me well what do you feel?? Honestly i have no clue one way or another, i don't feel one way..I feel like i am pregnant...i feel like my body has been taken over...but beyond that i don't have any way to believe one way or the was the same with Jackie. I had no idea going in if it was a boy or a girl. Derek thought it was a boy.....he was wrong. He thinks its a boy this time too, who knows if he will be right. So for now we will all have to wait to figure out what this thing is growing inside of me!!! lol Guess its not too much longer still i am impatient and wish like a lot of other prego moms i could just know what is in side of me!

On a happy note, the morning sickness is almost gone! It still comes back some days but its MUCH better!! Heartburn is still constant but i am learning to eat dissipate it all, lol i guess i have decided i just need to suck it up and deal with it! I am more tired then ever! I know the 2nd trimester you are supposed to get a break from that, but with working full time then trying to pull full time wife/mom duties....i don't think that will go away for a very long time ;)!!! I have not lost any weight in the past three weeks :) YAY! lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

my little girl

Jackie has recently become VERY much a little GIRL . When i am getting ready in the morning doing my make up she wants to put on pretties. She loves to play with my make up brushes and make her self "pretty"

She loves to wear dresses and skirts...when i am finding clothes for her for the day she HAS to help me pick out what is cute! I try to avoid dresses and skirts since it has been so she got away with a cute gray dress lol. What can i say when she says cute mama please its hard to resist! She also wants to just pick out her regular clothes sometimes i will bring something out and she says, "not cute" then i find something else and its what is not cute one day could very well be cute another day just not what she wants! She also always wants me to do her the mornings after i get her dressed she touches her hair and says pretty pretty. so is SO good about keep it in too now!! I just bought some really cute hair clips so i hope that it lasts so when i get them she will still want to wear them!

She loves to help Derek pick out shirts and will go to his closet and find one she wants him to she also thinks ties are very cute!

She also decided since mommy paints her toe nails she should get her finger nails painted. she loves to have them painted and shows them to me a lot! I think its really cute....Derek does not understand why a 20 month old needs them painted....but hey its fun to have a little doll ;)

She is my little helper always wants to be doing everything right along side with me! Granted it makes one job take twice as long.....but while she is willing to help me i will let her! It does not matter what i am doing moping sweeping vacuuming dishes she wants to be there with me! She also loves to clean our walls and will ask me randomly to clean lol.

She is our little girl and we love her to death!! She still loves to play with cars and balls, but she is coming into her own, and acting all girly! She always finds ways to make us laugh and smile! We love her hugs and her kisses! I can not believe how fast she is growing up! It seems like just yesterday she was a precious little new born who just wanted to be in our arms! I am happy she has such a joy for life! She is a good kid and has such a great temperament! She hardly ever whines or gets upset (granted while she is teething she is a bit more whinny and clingy...but that's okay! i enjoy the extra cuddles i get!) Its so fun to be a parent and watch your child learn and grow! I love watching her learn new things and just figure everything out!

We love our little "monkey" and enjoy all the laughs she gives us! We are excited to add to our little family, and know Jackie will be a great big sis!

Monday, April 6, 2009

simple, cheap and easy!

Hey so i want to use all your brains out there! I love to cook, and want some new simple, cheap and easy things to add to our menu! SOOO i want to pick your brains for some of your favorite meal ideas, we are looking for quick easy and cheap ideas ;) So let me know if you have any good ones! What do you make at the last minute, or when you are pressed for time? (we are always pressed for time since i work until 6 ;))

Nice relaxing weekend!

IT was such a great weekend! I love General Conference! I think its so nice to be able to hear so many wonderful talks from our leaders! I was proud of Jackie who did so well while we watched all the sessions, she seemed to grasp somewhat that what we were watching was important. She always listened for the Amen's at the end of talks and prayers....and even helped a few people with their prayers adding in a few people she wanted to bless too. (one including our next door neighbors baby Bella

As always a few talks really jumped out at me and I have a list of things i want to improve on and be better at! The main one which was said by at least 4 different people was we need to go to the temple more often! This one hit me hard because we have a hard time going with Jackie and i am sure that when this little one comes it will be that much harder- so we are going to try to make it more- so if any of you out there want to do some baby swaps let us know! I also decided we need to be better at separating our wants from our needs, and adapt the motto, "we can afford it but we don't need it".

It was nice to spend so much time with Derek and Jackie! we just spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying our time together. I am excited that its warmed up yesterday-enough for us to take a family walk! i hear its going to get cold again, but for know i will enjoy the warm weather and just be happy it is not too hot, because i know i am in for a LONG hot summer!

I love that its getting warm and going out side is not quite as hard anymore-a lot less bundling is required! :) Jackie loves it, she loves running out side and just playing in the out doors!

I can not believe that Derek is almost done with school!! His graduation is in 17 days! I am excited for him to be done and excited to see what happens as we move on to our next stage in life!

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to learn from conference!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow The Prophet!

I love conference time! I love having the opportunity to hear from our leaders and learn from their experiences, wisdom, and council! Having Jackie and a kid on the way has made me think what we will do for conference in our home.
I can remember growing up when we were young having to watch a session on Sunday and then the prophet speak again in the afternoon session. As we got older my parents asked us to watch more and more. I remember at times not understanding why it was important or why we should do it. As i have gotten older and started my own family I am realizing the great importance of General Conference. Its such a great time, a time were we can get answers to so many important questions we have in our lives.
I want to strive to instill the importance of conference in my children's lives so they will understand as they grow up how important it is to watch! I know for a little while they will be too young but in a few years Jackie will get old enough to grasp enough to play a little conference bingo, and as our kids grow we will be able to watch it all together as a family and talk about the council that was given and how we can apply it into our lives!
Jackie made it through the prayers she thought was a little too long and kept saying amen, but she kept her arms folded ;) she also loved the songs! I hope as she grows she will continue grow in her love for conference and watch more and more....but i know that it starts with Derek and I setting that example for her! I am thankful for a husband who wants to watch all of conference and goes to priesthood session!
I loved Saturdays sessions, i love how a few talks really will just jump out at you and speak to you! I hope all of you had a chance to listen to conference today and will listen tomorrow!