Friday, April 10, 2009

my little girl

Jackie has recently become VERY much a little GIRL . When i am getting ready in the morning doing my make up she wants to put on pretties. She loves to play with my make up brushes and make her self "pretty"

She loves to wear dresses and skirts...when i am finding clothes for her for the day she HAS to help me pick out what is cute! I try to avoid dresses and skirts since it has been so she got away with a cute gray dress lol. What can i say when she says cute mama please its hard to resist! She also wants to just pick out her regular clothes sometimes i will bring something out and she says, "not cute" then i find something else and its what is not cute one day could very well be cute another day just not what she wants! She also always wants me to do her the mornings after i get her dressed she touches her hair and says pretty pretty. so is SO good about keep it in too now!! I just bought some really cute hair clips so i hope that it lasts so when i get them she will still want to wear them!

She loves to help Derek pick out shirts and will go to his closet and find one she wants him to she also thinks ties are very cute!

She also decided since mommy paints her toe nails she should get her finger nails painted. she loves to have them painted and shows them to me a lot! I think its really cute....Derek does not understand why a 20 month old needs them painted....but hey its fun to have a little doll ;)

She is my little helper always wants to be doing everything right along side with me! Granted it makes one job take twice as long.....but while she is willing to help me i will let her! It does not matter what i am doing moping sweeping vacuuming dishes she wants to be there with me! She also loves to clean our walls and will ask me randomly to clean lol.

She is our little girl and we love her to death!! She still loves to play with cars and balls, but she is coming into her own, and acting all girly! She always finds ways to make us laugh and smile! We love her hugs and her kisses! I can not believe how fast she is growing up! It seems like just yesterday she was a precious little new born who just wanted to be in our arms! I am happy she has such a joy for life! She is a good kid and has such a great temperament! She hardly ever whines or gets upset (granted while she is teething she is a bit more whinny and clingy...but that's okay! i enjoy the extra cuddles i get!) Its so fun to be a parent and watch your child learn and grow! I love watching her learn new things and just figure everything out!

We love our little "monkey" and enjoy all the laughs she gives us! We are excited to add to our little family, and know Jackie will be a great big sis!


Danielle and the Boys said...

oh man i am ridiculously jealous of all the girly stuff!!! boy #2 is on his way and I STILL stop and drool over all the cute girl stuff! Instead I get to focus on dinosaurs and bugs and balls and cars and boogers...boys are fun too. But. I will be DANG EXCITED when I finally get my girl...

Harris Family said...

awww, little Jackie! McKenna is the exact same way. She loves nail polish and always says "pretty, yeah" when I put on my makeup because she wants some too. They are a lot alike.