Thursday, April 30, 2009


So while i was pregnant with Jackie i got bumps all over my body just little tinny bumps, not red, not itchy just little bumps. They are on my arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach and back...okay pretty much everywhere but my neck and face :) The doc was confused said it could be liver spots and should go away after i was no longer prego.
Well some did some did not, and now this time around i am covered! They are everywhere! Derek calls me spots lol.......anyway i have talked with my doc about them and he had no idea so he talked with a bunch of other doctors and no one can figure it out.....they said that it should not be harmful to me or the baby or any cause for concern....but still i want to know what they are from, and if i am going to keep getting more and more with each pregnancy, because lets face it i don't really want to be spots for ever......any of you get bumps all over?????

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Danielle and the Boys said...

crazy....wish i knew the answer for you. The only bumps I get are my gut and butt always get huge. Does that count for mysterious bumps? ;)

my odd thing is that my belly CONSTANTLY pops/snaps (if you're sitting next to me you can hear it too). Its not up by my rib cage or anything but down lower. You'd think my water was breaking all the time. I didn't have it last time but this time it happens several times a day. I asked my OB and he couldn't really tell me anything since i wasn't having a gush of fluid or anything. Guess I'm just a walking bowl of rice krispies. ;)

Good luck with figuring out the bump thing!