Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow The Prophet!

I love conference time! I love having the opportunity to hear from our leaders and learn from their experiences, wisdom, and council! Having Jackie and a kid on the way has made me think what we will do for conference in our home.
I can remember growing up when we were young having to watch a session on Sunday and then the prophet speak again in the afternoon session. As we got older my parents asked us to watch more and more. I remember at times not understanding why it was important or why we should do it. As i have gotten older and started my own family I am realizing the great importance of General Conference. Its such a great time, a time were we can get answers to so many important questions we have in our lives.
I want to strive to instill the importance of conference in my children's lives so they will understand as they grow up how important it is to watch! I know for a little while they will be too young but in a few years Jackie will get old enough to grasp enough to play a little conference bingo, and as our kids grow we will be able to watch it all together as a family and talk about the council that was given and how we can apply it into our lives!
Jackie made it through the prayers she thought was a little too long and kept saying amen, but she kept her arms folded ;) she also loved the songs! I hope as she grows she will continue grow in her love for conference and watch more and more....but i know that it starts with Derek and I setting that example for her! I am thankful for a husband who wants to watch all of conference and goes to priesthood session!
I loved Saturdays sessions, i love how a few talks really will just jump out at you and speak to you! I hope all of you had a chance to listen to conference today and will listen tomorrow!

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Velma said...

I think it is important to set the example, and it is good to get the kids to get involved with listening at an early age. There are fun activities on the internet that helps them with listening too! They have even helped me to focus as well. I loved taking the kids for a canyon ride for Conference too when they got nervous/anxious or bored...then they had no option to goof off, LOL!!! And we had a rule that all TV's were tuned into Conference wherever we had one during all the sessions! It is important that dads set the example and take the sons to Priesthood sessions as soon as they become Decons! So the women need to encourage hubby's and sons to go, unless they are very sick...and where possible if dads sick or son is sick they have someone they can count on to take them, like grandpa if he lives close by or...other friend.