Monday, April 20, 2009

The ramblings of a prego women!

my mind and life has been a bit of a jumble lately, maybe its due to the fact i do not get enough sleep for a pregnant lady, or maybe its just because the baby that's growing inside of me is taking my mind away from me slowly.......
Things i have been thinking about/doing
  • That being a mom means there is no time for stopping...unfortunately once you have a kid and you get prego again you don't get the chance to take a lot of breaks! Working full time does not help at all i am sure still have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off/the kid wakes up and get still has to be cleaned...dinner has to be made...Laundry has to be done....kid and hubby need matter how much you want to stay in bed
  • spending 5 hours cleanning is not good for a prego will regret it later, but your house will be MUCH prettier!
  • Saturday after cleaning we had our good friends over for roast beef dinner! It was a lot of fun and we are really going to miss them when they move back to Alaska this week!
  • Derek's graduation is this week which means i have Thursday and Friday off!
  • We find out the gender on Thursday, and i cant seem to make up my mind if i think its a boy or a girl.....
  • Jackie is getting SO big and smart, and becoming sweeter and sweeter as she gets older-she has mastered please, thank you, and your welcome....and i think its SO cute!
  • Jackie enjoys kissing by tummy saying baby baby....does she think my tummy is called baby or does she get theres a baby in there hmmm who knows
  • Jackie loves the song Jesus wants me for a sunbeam and we listen to it over and over again
  • Morning sickness is gone i least it has been for a week now...Heart burn is still in full swing, but i decided i need to just suck it up
  • Jackie is into giving puppy kisses now...(licking your face) its kinda funny....
  • Jackie is a little sponge i can not believe how fast she learns or picks up on things we say
  • Jackie really likes 24 and i don't know how i feel about that.....
  • I think i have the sweetest best daughter ever! (yes i am sure you all feel the same way, and thats okay ;))
  • Jackie is done teething for now and i am happy
  • I think Jackie is going through a growth spurt because she is eating like crazy right now!
Okay i think thats about it! Make sure you make your guess on what you think i am having! Thursday you will find out if you were right or wrong!! (hopfully thursday...depends on how crazy things get with graduation...but i will do my best to post!)

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C, J, and T said...

I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL weekend!