Monday, April 6, 2009

Nice relaxing weekend!

IT was such a great weekend! I love General Conference! I think its so nice to be able to hear so many wonderful talks from our leaders! I was proud of Jackie who did so well while we watched all the sessions, she seemed to grasp somewhat that what we were watching was important. She always listened for the Amen's at the end of talks and prayers....and even helped a few people with their prayers adding in a few people she wanted to bless too. (one including our next door neighbors baby Bella

As always a few talks really jumped out at me and I have a list of things i want to improve on and be better at! The main one which was said by at least 4 different people was we need to go to the temple more often! This one hit me hard because we have a hard time going with Jackie and i am sure that when this little one comes it will be that much harder- so we are going to try to make it more- so if any of you out there want to do some baby swaps let us know! I also decided we need to be better at separating our wants from our needs, and adapt the motto, "we can afford it but we don't need it".

It was nice to spend so much time with Derek and Jackie! we just spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying our time together. I am excited that its warmed up yesterday-enough for us to take a family walk! i hear its going to get cold again, but for know i will enjoy the warm weather and just be happy it is not too hot, because i know i am in for a LONG hot summer!

I love that its getting warm and going out side is not quite as hard anymore-a lot less bundling is required! :) Jackie loves it, she loves running out side and just playing in the out doors!

I can not believe that Derek is almost done with school!! His graduation is in 17 days! I am excited for him to be done and excited to see what happens as we move on to our next stage in life!

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to learn from conference!

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Hayley said...

you know i'll babysit anytime...