Friday, August 26, 2011

Our family is a growing!

By one car that is!! (please tell me I got at least one person on that!) And by car I do in fact mean Van.  That is right we bought a van.  There is a long list of stories that go a long with why so lets start back at the beginning :)

A while ago Derek had an interview with the Utah Grizz.  We did not hear back from them so we did not think much of it. 

About a month ago now he got a call asking him to come back for an interview.  So he went in and the job sounded perfect for my husband.  The job was to help the community love hockey and plan events for the games.  Go to schools and do assemblies.

They called him back and offered the job on a Friday and wanted him to start the coming Monday.  So we talked about it and got excited and then realized all the CRAZY amount of things that would need to be done to have him work.  We felt great about the job as long as he could wait a week to start. 

So he accepted and we had to find sitters for our daughters and another car since he needs a car for his job, and i needed a car to transport the kiddos.  So we went car looking and found HOW much car prices have gone up since we bought our car last year.  I was shocked.  So i decided why not just buy a van they cost the same as a car right now.  So we did it.  We want another kid in a year or it made sense.  I LOVE having a van can i just say! Its so nice to have a bigger car and one that can hold others if needed!

We were lucky and able to find some sitters for the girls and they seem pretty happy with them :) I switched my Tuesdays and Thursdays to half days so i could take Jackie to preschool and be home with them more.

Oh also did i mention, i got a promotion at work?  They made me supervisor which means my raise will pay for our extra car payment! YAY for things finding a way for working out.

Derek is still working his other job and being superman doing both....we figured why not we could use the extra money to pay down some debt.

This week has been crazy and hectic i DO hope it slows down a bit and feels more normal as we all adjust.  Good news is, my kids still love me :) they don't hate me for sending them to a sitters.

I am so grateful for the Lord and to know he is watching out for us. 

So to wrap up i am not pregnant, Derek has a new job, our life's are crazy but we are happy! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bottle

Abby had an obsession (yes i said HAD! :)) It was called her bottle.  Man she loved that thing.  She asked for it all the time.  She wanted to with her full of milk.  You could not put water in there that would mean a stink eye and a bottle throw from her. Try to water down the milk she would take a sip look at the bottle then back at you take a sip look at you and say, "no! Milk please". Give her a sippy she would put it in the sink

I was pretty sure any hopes of bottle breaking would incur me going insane and Abby becoming a devil child.

I decide we would just talk about it.  For 2 weeks i told her big girls don't use bottles big girls throw bottles away.  Big girls use sippy cups.

Then on Thursday i found her next to the trash she had one bottle in there and another in her hand she kissed it said, "love you baba bye bye" and throw it in.  She left and found 2 more and did the same thing.  i got some more out for her and again kissed it said love you bye bye and throw them away....CUE DISBELIEF.

I was super scared for how bed time would go.  I put her down gave her a sippy (yes horrid mom i let her have milk at bed time i know i know...I do like to go for the worst mom award) she cried for like 5 minutes and was asleep.  More shock, all previous attempts have inured crying for well over an hour until i give in. 

i knew there was no way it could be that easy.  2 am i had an hysterical child who wanted her baba.  I put her in the kitchen in her pack n play and she went to sleep. 

The next night we had no issues and since have had no issues.  I let her go to wal mart and pick out her very own sippy cup.  She was pretty excited and loves her new sippy cup (just hoping we wont have as many issues getting rid of that! haha guess she will be old enough to reason when i need to break that habit)

I guess i did know my kid well enough to wait until she was ready to do it.  It made life WAY easier on all involved parties.  Abby is my stubborn kid who wants things done her way.  I am sure we will have many more battles i just hope they are all as easy as this one! :)

Now if only she would decide she wants to use the toilet...........