Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bottle

Abby had an obsession (yes i said HAD! :)) It was called her bottle.  Man she loved that thing.  She asked for it all the time.  She wanted to with her full of milk.  You could not put water in there that would mean a stink eye and a bottle throw from her. Try to water down the milk she would take a sip look at the bottle then back at you take a sip look at you and say, "no! Milk please". Give her a sippy she would put it in the sink

I was pretty sure any hopes of bottle breaking would incur me going insane and Abby becoming a devil child.

I decide we would just talk about it.  For 2 weeks i told her big girls don't use bottles big girls throw bottles away.  Big girls use sippy cups.

Then on Thursday i found her next to the trash she had one bottle in there and another in her hand she kissed it said, "love you baba bye bye" and throw it in.  She left and found 2 more and did the same thing.  i got some more out for her and again kissed it said love you bye bye and throw them away....CUE DISBELIEF.

I was super scared for how bed time would go.  I put her down gave her a sippy (yes horrid mom i let her have milk at bed time i know i know...I do like to go for the worst mom award) she cried for like 5 minutes and was asleep.  More shock, all previous attempts have inured crying for well over an hour until i give in. 

i knew there was no way it could be that easy.  2 am i had an hysterical child who wanted her baba.  I put her in the kitchen in her pack n play and she went to sleep. 

The next night we had no issues and since have had no issues.  I let her go to wal mart and pick out her very own sippy cup.  She was pretty excited and loves her new sippy cup (just hoping we wont have as many issues getting rid of that! haha guess she will be old enough to reason when i need to break that habit)

I guess i did know my kid well enough to wait until she was ready to do it.  It made life WAY easier on all involved parties.  Abby is my stubborn kid who wants things done her way.  I am sure we will have many more battles i just hope they are all as easy as this one! :)

Now if only she would decide she wants to use the toilet...........


Celia said...

Yay for Abby!!! I hope this rubs off on Eliza. She is still obsessed with her bottle. We tried taking it away and it was nothing but bad news. I am going to try your idea and see if it works! It sounds like something Super Nanny would do :)

Amanda said...

I found it! :) And it's on my sidebar now so I won't loose it. I'm glad she did so well getting rid of the bottle for ya! :)

Stephanie said...

Hyrum had the same problem. It was horrible getting him off the bottle, then he became addicted to his sippy cup and that became a whole new drama to get him off. Good luck!