Monday, July 25, 2011

4 wonderful years

Today my sweet sweet Jackie turns 4 years old.  I can hardly believe its been 4 years since i became a mother and had this sweet little girl placed in my arms.

 It was a wonderful day and i still remember the instant love i felt for her and how my heart melted when i saw her for the first time.  Since then my love has only grown as I have watched her learn and grow.

Here she is at her 1st b-day 

She was such a cutie!! We love her so much! It has been amazing to watch her grow and learn.  I still remember her learning to walk and toddling all around!

This is her at her 2nd birthday party 

Abby looks a lot like her big sister now if only we can convince Abby to potty train like Jackie did! She was potty trained at her b-day party! :) this year she wanted a water party again! I still remember all her talking at this age and how much more she has talked since then! its crazy to think how much she as grown and how mature she has gotten in such a short amount of time.

And her third birthday.

and this year

My kiddo is for sure a little princess with some tomboy in her.  She loves to dress up, paint her nails, ride her bike, run throw sprinklers, play with grandparents, play with her friends, take care of her little sister.

  • Jackie is such a pleasure to have in our family.  I love her so much.  She brings such a sweet spirit into our house.  She is such a loving little girl, she is always so concerned about everyone else and wants all to be happy.  She is my peacemaker and I love that. 

  • Jackie is our talker.  She started talking when she was 6 months old and has never stopped talking since that day.  Its very rare that she stays quite for more then a few moments.  I love her all the same and love hearing the stories she likes to tell me again and again and again.  She sure has SOME GOOD memory!  (like hey mom remember that time at stake conference i threw up ALL OVER YOU! that was funny, (that was in june) Or hey mom remember that time that kid ran over me with his bike that was mean ( july of 2010) or "mom remember that time me and my friend Marie went to that party i miss Marie (october 2009) 

  • Jackie is a little mom she always wants to take care of everyone and everything.  She loves to tell Abby what to do and well us too :) its a good thing she is so cute! 

  • Jackie is still our good little eater, she loves to eat anything and everything (well tomatoes she wont eat right now unless you tell her they are melted no idea why......but she does know she has to have 3 bites of foods she does not like wonder how she will feel about it going up to 4 on her birthday ;)

  • Jackie is not the most coordinated girl the whole world and tends to run into things....hopefully this will get fixed or she just may be too much like me and end up with bruises she has no idea how to explain haha :)

  • Jackie loves friends.  She always makes friends were ever she goes.  When we are at a park any little kid running around will become her friend while we are there

  • She always asks me to call her grandparents she loves to talk to them on the phone.
  • Since we have started our activity a day thing she is in LOVE.  As soon as i get home from work she asks me what are we going to do today?  And if its something she is REALLY excited about she will try to get Derek to leave for work sooner so the fun can start! 
  • She LOVES her sunbeams class and going to sunbeams.  She prides her self on being the most reverent and tries really really hard to be that way haha 

  • Since we got the pass of all passes and introduced Seven Peaks Jackie has been in love she got brave enough to go down the kiddo slides all by her self (us not catching her) and is SO proud! Although her fav are the bigger kiddo slides the ones on there on the blue tube slides she LOVES those i think the other day she spent close to an hour going up and down while Abby and i watched.   Abby loves to watch her after she makes it down and gets out abby yells and claps "YAY JACKIE!"

    I love my little Jackie so much, its hard for me to see her grow up she is getting so big and i just want her to go back to being my little baby (although she did tell me she would try really hard to stay little).  I thank God i was blessed to be this little ones mother, i know she has lots of special work to do in this world and I only hope i can teach her enough!

    Happy birthday my sweet Jackie I love you!!!

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