Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jackies 4th birthday extravaganza!!

Jackie had the most amazing birthday party! I am I am so grateful for such wonderful friends and family who came! Jackie sure is loved! Tonight when we were cleaning up she told me, "mom i sure am lucky! People sure do love me!" I agree she is lucky and loved by many!

We had a big BBQ fairy swiming party at our house.  We had fairy things for the girls and of course swords for the boys! We had yummy food and an AMAZING cake my mom made and some darling cupcakes! The kiddos had a blast swiming, and playing we had a dragon the boys tried to slay!

One thing i relize every year is how lucky i am and how lucky and blessed my kiddos are to have so many people who love them! Its the perks of our huge family and i love it! Plus the pool you see was given to us from my Uncle because their kiddos are done using it we lucked out!

I am not going to comment on the pictures i figure you can all figure them out if you can't your welcome to ask :)

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Sarina said...

Happy Birthday for angel Jackie! =)