Tuesday, July 19, 2011

growing up........

This is Jackie and her bud Bella.  They really think of each other as sisters.  Jackie always asks to go play with Bella, and Abby always asks to go play with Bella as well.  And from what i here Bella always asks to play with Jacquelyn and Abigail.  Its dang cute!

*sigh* i am having a hard time believing my little one will be 4 in less then a week! i don't think i can handle her growing up!!!
Its crazy to me that 4 years ago i was a HUGE prego lady.  I would not go back I love my kiddo and the joy she has brought i to our lives!

Abby is getting so big as well.  THAT is throwing my off more then anything.  She is supposed to stay my baby so i don't get the itch to have more kiddos lol. She is talking so much, understanding the world around her, getting in to trouble, and just becoming an adorable little toddler.  She is my lovey child.  She always wants to give hugs and kisses and cuddle. 

I love my girls and have a huge love hate relationship with them growing up.  I love seeing Abby and Jackie learn and grow, get smarter and what not.  At the same time i hate it because they are my babies and the world is a scary place....cant they just stay little so i can protect them forever???

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