Monday, July 11, 2011

I need to take pictures

I mean really i never take pictures its bad. I take them on my phone a lot but those are never that great.....I dont know why I have been in a slump but what ever i will try to break out of it!

We have been just hanging out and chilling lately at our place.  Our activities are going great Jackie LOVES them and asks what we are doing every day.  If i ever try to switch it up she gets so worried i am changing things and she will miss out.  Its been fun and really i like the time it gives me with my kiddos and my house still gets taken care of :)

I really want to get a love for running.  I really hate it. I got decent at it back last summer but once i started weaning Abby i never started back up again lol.  I have been trying and been out twice and MAN i am out of the running shape, thank goodness for p90x my lungs can take it but my poor legs and shins cant!  I get horrid shin splints.....any great ideas out there??

My mom is in town for a few weeks YAY! i am so excited to have here her! I it will be fun to see them and spend time with everyone! :) 

My Jackie is almost 4 and I want to cry she is NOT allowed to grow up.  I told her that the other day and she said she will try really hard not to....she is to sweet! I only wish she could :)

Miss Abby still wont go to nursery with out us.  Its bad.  Sunday we were talking about going to nursery and i asked if she was going to go she said, "yep" i then asked if she would go by her self and she said, "no with you" *sigh* one day one day.  I tried to leave her sunday when she was all happy and playing.  SHE FREAKED OUT! haha she was fine until she noticed i was gone then bring on the hysterical screaming i never hear her cry like that except when we try to leave her. Its the saddest cry ever!  Abby is our little firecracker she has a HUGE personality which is both good and bad, she can be super loving and funny and the next she can be screaming. Good news times outs do help her though, she gets the point i think and always calms down in time out.  Jackie is very good to tell me when Abby is done with timeout though she hates when Abby is in there!

We went to this place it was FREAKING AWESOME!  They have a kid area and Jackie got really good about jumping into the foam pit and even let me help her do some flips in there :) we will for SURE be going back!

Anyway thats about all thats new with us :) whats new with you ?

My goal for next week is to take pictures :)

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