Friday, May 1, 2009

2 cute pictures....YAY I COOKING

So i thought about writing what the pics where about....but i hope you can figure them out! We are so excited for Derek to be done! Lol these pictures remind me of how much shorter i really am then Derek! I dont realize it much, but when i look at pics of us i see it!

Not a lot is going on, just getting excited for what is to come....which WHO KNOWS what is to come! We are just hoping Derek will be able to find a good job by the time baby comes and we will be able to move to where ever that might be! I am doing well, tired all the time but making it through ;)

Jackie is becoming my little helper in ever aspect and I LOVE IT! She now always wants to help me in the kitchen, last night our home teacher brought over a brownie mix while Derek was working and Jackie kept asking me "cooking it for dada please" over and over again. So a bit before he got home i brought a chair up to the counter and let her help me (she had just helped me with dinner the night before so was pretty excited) SHE loved it! In every way she was so excited to put the things in and stir....she kept yelling "YAY I COOKING" After we got the browines in the pan i was adding the carmel so i put her down and when i put it in the oven she started running all around the house yelling. "YAY MAMA COOKING, YAY JACKIE COOKING" lol it was funny.....when Derek got home she grabed the brownie box ran to him and said, "i made it" "I made it" lol she was pretty pumped....too bad she had to go to sleep before they were done those darn things had to cook for 50 min! lol I love having a little helper....i think its really cute she wants to help mama do little things around the house....yes it might make the event take a lot longer, but hey they are learning and i got DVR so eh it does not bug me :)

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Britta said...

so cute! I miss you guys! Isn't it so nice our husbands are graduated...what a relief. Give Jackie a squeeze for me...and Easton lol.